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Updated on April 19, 2024

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App Name Locket Widget
Publisher Locket Labs, Inc.
Genre Social
Size 89M
Version 1.170.6
MOD Info Origin APK
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 8.0 expand_more
android Android 8.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you looking for an application to help you share and receive live photos from your friends in one click? If yes, then you would love the Locket Widget Apk.


Introduction of Locket Widget 

The locket is a great way to share photos with your closest friends from your smartphone’s home screen. Its simple widget lets you get quick photo updates from up to 20 of your best buddies throughout the day.

You will first add the Locket widget directly to your Android device’s home screen. It will become your central area for sending and receiving photos from friends.

To add it, press and hold a space on your home screen, then tap on Widgets. So you can find the Locket widget and drag it to your preferred spot on the home screen. The widget will display a cute graphic asking you to invite friends. All the things will be done smoothly and in no time.

Receive photos from friends instantly

You will be happy to know that once you have added friends to this app, their photos will automatically appear in your Locket widget from the very next second. There’s no need to open any apps or manually refresh anything, as this application will help you in this case.

I am sure you will like looking at your home screen and seeing fun, surprise pictures from your friends during the day. It feels like your friends are sharing special moments only with you.

What I love the most about this application is its instant photo delivery, which makes the Locket Widget the fastest and most convenient way to visually interact with your friends and family members on Android. I become addicted to checking the widget to see my friends’ latest pics, and you will be too.

Share back with one tap

When you see a photo from a friend that makes you smile, you can send one back to them with a single tap. You must tap into the Locket widget, snap a photo with your smartphone’s camera, and hit the send icon.

Your photo will instantly appear on their Locket widget so you can have an ongoing visual conversation filled with your moments. It’s as simple as that.

Of course, this quick photo exchange helps you interact more confidently. There’s no pressure to capture sharp images or create clickbait captions like other social media.

Limit to your 20 closest friends

To keep the Locket Widget experience premium, you can only add up to 20 friends to share photos. It ensures all your Locket application connections are real-life close connections, not random online followers.

You can add family, roommates, coworkers, lifelong friends, or other inner circle members. However, you have to search for their name and send an invite.

Save photos to your camera roll

As you and your Locket friends build up history, you will accumulate a variety of delightful photos together. Easily save these memories by holding down any image in the widget and selecting the Save to Device feature.

The photos will be saved directly to your phone’s camera roll so you can access them in your gallery. Feel free to create an automated daily or weekly video recap of your Locket photos.

No worrying about likes or followers

On Locket, you don’t have to stress how many followers you have or likes your photos get. It’s all about interacting with real friends in the beautiful virtual world.

You can feel comfortable posting any photo without considering online audiences’ popularity. Do whatever you want and enjoy it to the fullest. However, lacking public status metrics helps you stay present with your friends.

Send fun reactions to photos

Locket Widget Apk lets you make your friends happy by adding playful reactions to their photos. You can send a laughing face, heart eyes, raised hands, or other animated emojis.

They will even get immediate notification when you react to their photos. The process is very simple and provides the easiest way to enjoy unforgettable memories and eliminate unnecessary social media photos.

Download Locket Widget Apk for Android 2024

The Locket Widget application provides the easiest image sharing and protects your privacy, as friends can’t directly add themselves to your Locket. They need a unique 6-digit code that you provide them.

When someone wants to add you to this widget, you will get a notification with the code they need to connect their account to yours. It will depend on whether you want to approve or deny the request right from the notification. So enjoy having full control over who sees your photos.

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