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REVER MOD Apk v8.0.0 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on April 19, 2024

App Info

App Name REVER - Motorcycle GPS & Rides
Publisher Rever Moto Inc
Genre Maps & Navigation
Size 170M
Version 8.0.0
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 6.0 expand_more
android Android 6.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Are you a passionate bike rider searching for an application to guide you on your journeys? If so, you’ll love the REVER MOD Apk. Now, enjoy the ultimate experience of digitally discovering adventures, utilizing the app’s extensive public data.


Introduce about REVER

REVER is a fabulous map and navigation app that provides valuable tools for motorbike riders to track rides, discover routes, join community groups, and much more. It makes every adventure more accessible and safer.

Enjoy discovering exciting riding routes quickly, as the app shows what’s popular locally and globally among bikers.

It features famous rides handpicked worldwide by editors, covering beautiful scenery such as coastal roads, hilly tracks, forest trails, and much more. Many riders also share their favorite neighborhood routes, and you can get a clear view of them using its 3D explore feature.

Moreover, you can browse routes currently trending in nearby regions to discover the best the area offers each season. It’s recommended to look at the featured challenging rides for advanced skills like tight twisties, high altitudes, and more, which will test your skills.

Plan your motorcycle routes

Apart from curated routes, you can also use the REVER application to map out custom rides designed for specific trip plans and stops.

It allows smooth tapping and placing waypoints on the map, tracing out custom motorcycle routes and shaping the path how you want.

As you draw paths, it previews hilliness and road types so you know what’s coming in the next moment. It has options to optimize bypass around heavy traffic areas. According to the site, you can pin interesting locations like food points, parks, museums, and many more.

You can send your custom-made routes to your biker friends and enjoy the rides together.

Recording and analyzing rides made easy

The best thing about the REVER application is that it can automatically record your ride’s time duration, distance covered, road speed achieved, and many more items as you take trips without any settings.

You can review stats after the ride to analyze things deeply.  Feel free to compare top speeds on different bikes and terrain. Based on the total distance completed, check the summary of estimated brake pads or engine oil replacement needs.

I always check these stats after the rides as it eventually helps me improve my riding skills, machine handling capabilities, and required maintenance planning.

Motorcycle-optimized weather alerts

REVER Maps & Navigation app provides bike-riding-specific weather alerts to help you judge the risks and hurdles of your journey due to weather impact.

It takes average weather forecasts that tell you how much rain or snow is coming. Then, it calculates how slippery roads will be from that rain or snow. It ultimately helps riders understand if routes will be complicated or dangerous to drive on.

For foggy weather, the app measures how far you will likely be able to see the roads. You must know about the visibility distances as it will help you to be on the safe side.

3D ride playback

Thanks to the 3D Ride Playback option that lets you rewatch past motorcycle trips by showing the actual route taken on a map. It is like flying over the GPS path to recreate your whole journey.

You can zoom in on specific parts of the trip replay, expanding time to study sections closely, like tricky turns. The playback speed is customizable, and you can change them anytime.

It automatically snaps photos at essential moments to mark highlights later. You can take full advantage of this feature to decide if better equipment is needed in upcoming journeys.

Turn-by-turn voice-guided GPS navigation

When riding routes, you plan in the app. It gives turn-by-turn voice directions. It keeps navigating the whole trip even if you close the app.

Like Google Maps, the app discusses upcoming turn alerts and how far they are. For more significant road splits, it says what lane to take. It lets you focus on the road instead of your smartphone screen.

The voice-guided routing works offline, too, if signals drop in rural areas. It keeps adapting directions using GPS mapping to avoid disruptions to your hands-free navigation even without data. I saved a lot of hours using this feature.

Mod APK Version of REVER

The REVER MOD Apk is a modified version of the official REVER – Motorcycle GPS & Rides application. This version allows you to access premium features for free, including Butler Maps road recommendations, custom turn-by-turn directions with voice navigation, weather alerts, and more. Additionally, it eliminates irrelevant promotions and advertisements within the app.

Mod features

  • Paid Features Unlocked
  • AOSP Compatible

Download REVER Apk & MOD for Android 2024

REVER is one of the best applications for quickly planning and discovering your dream routes. It boasts a vast rider community, allowing you to share courses taken and top speeds achieved through photos or tracked ride videos. You can join special interest groups for topical discussions or see where other riders in your group are currently on the map.

Enjoy creating mini-competitions around the longest distances or the earliest season passes through challenging routes. The community members continuously inspire you to discover new areas and maximize the enjoyment of your rides.

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