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FV File Pro Apk v1.21.8 (Full Version) for Android

Updated on February 27, 2024

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App Name FV File Pro
Publisher FolderV
Genre Tools
Size 69M
Version 1.21.8
MOD Info Full Version
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Requires android Android 8.0 expand_more
android Android 8.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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FV File Pro Apk could be the perfect application for you if you’re looking to manage and customize your files professionally. It accelerates your work with numerous files and includes batch processing tools that allow you to select multiple files and perform actions such as copying, deleting, moving, and renaming the entire batch in one operation.

Of course, for large libraries, this saves a significant amount of time compared to manually processing each file.


Introduce about FV File Pro

FV File Pro is a premium file management application for Android devices, offering all the essential tools you need for professional file handling right at your fingertips.

The application provides smooth and optimized workflows for basic functions such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, sharing, and editing. You can quickly execute these actions on files and folders with just a few taps.

Its advanced built-in file editor enables you to modify text documents and Markdown files directly within the app, making it perfect for coders and technical writers who need to adjust scripts and documentation on the fly.

Additionally, the file editor allows for the editing of file metadata, useful for altering dates, tags, ratings, and other data attached to files like photos and videos. This feature adds a layer of customization and organization that can greatly benefit users looking to manage their digital files more effectively.

Seamlessly access all your files stored locally or in the cloud

One of FV File Pro’s standout features is its capability to effortlessly manage and transfer files stored both locally on your device and in the cloud.

The application features built-in integration with leading cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Box. This integration allows for convenient downloading, uploading, and syncing of files with these services without the need for separate applications.

For those utilizing a home or office network, FV File Pro supports file access through standard protocols such as SMB, FTP, and SFTP. This functionality facilitates wireless, two-way transfers between your Android device and networked computers or NAS drives, both quickly and reliably.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is the WebDAV server functionality, which essentially transforms your Android device into a cloud file server. This feature enables seamless drag-and-drop file transfers directly from your laptop to your phone over WiFi, enhancing the ease of transferring files.

FV File Pro provides simplified point-and-click access to all your storage solutions, whether they’re on your device, in the cloud, or on a home server, ensuring a smooth and efficient file management experience.

Manage your media library like a professional

When it comes to organizing and enjoying your personal media collection, FV File Pro distinguishes itself from other file management apps thanks to its advanced built-in media features.

The app includes a fully-featured media player that supports all common formats, including MP3, FLAC, MP4, AVI, and MOV, ensuring your media plays back smoothly. It simplifies the organization of your tracks with beginner-friendly tools for creating playlists and albums. The powerful audio tag editor is particularly noteworthy, allowing for easy updates or additions of metadata such as song titles, artists, genres, and more, helping you keep your library organized. Users have the flexibility to stick with default settings or customize them as needed.

Photo management is another area where FV File Pro excels. It efficiently handles viewing, editing, and converting large libraries containing thousands of pictures without any lag or loss of quality. The built-in photo editor offers all necessary adjustments and enhancements, including cropping, rotating, resizing, applying filters, and more. It even supports editing the newer HEIF photo format used by iPhones.

For advanced users, the app provides the ability to update EXIF data and perform batch editing, applying edits to multiple photos simultaneously. This comprehensive suite of features makes FV File Pro a robust tool for managing and enjoying your media collection to the fullest.

Multi window

One of the most productive features of FV File Pro is the Multi Window capability, which significantly enhances multitasking by allowing you to open multiple windows simultaneously.

On the main screen, you’ll find an option labeled “Multi Window.” Upon clicking it, the screen splits horizontally into upper and lower browsing panes. This feature enables you to navigate different directories in each window, allowing for efficient file management and comparison. You can even open two instances of the same folder side by side to compare contents directly.

This functionality is especially useful for users who need to work with multiple files or folders at once, streamlining the process of moving, copying, or comparing data across different locations.

Mod APK Version of FV File Pro

FV File Pro APK is a patched (paid) version of the official FV File application, optimized by a third-party developer to unlock the app’s paid features.

Mod features

  • Full Version

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FV File Pro is an outstanding application that helps you effectively manage your device’s storage with advanced and intuitive disk analysis and storage cleanup utilities.

The interactive treemap diagrams provide a visual overview of your storage usage breakdown. The app can safely identify and remove junk like temporary files, app debris, and unused downloads to efficiently free up space.

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