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GLand Measure MOD Apk v3.15.5 (Premium) for Android

Updated on May 13, 2024

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App Name GLand Measure
Publisher ToptoshirouApp
Genre Tools
Size 29 MB
Version 3.15.5
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi Internet connection required


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GLand Measure MOD Apk is the most reliable application to measure land using your smartphone. It provides you with multiple ways to get your land area measured through GPS in no time.

Moreover, the grouping of data features enables one to get a rough idea of the total land in the nearby areas.


Introduce about GLand Measure

GLand Measure app is the top choice for millions of users for accurate property and land measurements. It provides you with precision measurement abilities virtually anywhere using its powerful features like area calculator, GPS field mapping, and distance measurement tools.

The most important thing to consider is to grant the app permission to access your smartphone’s camera, GPS, and other sensors required for measurement functionality. You can also tweak the settings but the default ones are best for accurate results.

There is an Area Calculator available in the app which is the fastest way to determine areas for simple plot shapes without even being onsite. You need to simply select a shape like a rectangle, circle, or polygon. Also, enter the dimensions like length and width. The app instantly calculates the total area in your chosen units like acres, square meters, and more.

Of course, there can be irregular shapes too where you can use the polygon tool to tap plot points on the map. This app calculates the area as you tap which eventually makes it easy to outline winding organic property lines.

GPS Field Mapping

The GPS Field Mapping tool is an easy way to map and measure land area while walking around the actual property. It uses your smartphone’s GPS satellites to track where you walk and draw the field boundary.

When you reach the land that you need to measure just open the GPS Field Mapping mode in the app. All you need to do is tap the Start button to begin walking around the outer edge of the entire property you want to measure.

As you walk the perimeter, the app will use the GPS on your smartphone to follow your path. It will draw a shape on the map showing exactly where you walked. This outlines the borders of the field or land plot.

The whole time you walk, the app calculates the total area inside the GPS path you walked. When finished, it shows the total square feet or acres of the land plotted. The unit of measure will depend on your choice and can be set through the settings.

The GPS map with the field or property edges can be exported as a GeoJSON file. It eventually allows using the land measurement data in other mapping or surveying apps for reports and records.

This is an outstanding feature that is useful for things like a farmer mapping crop fields, a land surveyor checking property lines, and many more use cases. I also tried this for calculating my small field and I was very surprised with its great accuracy.

GeoJSON Import & Export

The GLand Measure app lets you import and export data in a format called GeoJSON which is a commonly used type of digital map file.

You can import a GeoJSON file containing existing land maps or property outlines that were created in other apps. This application will turn that data into an interactive map overlay.

Also, when you make a new map in GLand Measure by walking a property perimeter or tracing an area, you can export and save it as a GeoJSON file. It is also supported by other apps of the same category. The data stays editable and portable.

GeoJSON support makes GLand Measure part of a complete land management workflow. Easily pick up existing digital property data and export your new surveys in no time.

Satellite Overlays

The Satellite overlay setting is very impressive and adds real aerial photos under your measurement maps. It lets you see a satellite view of the land you’re measuring.

When you turn on Satellite Overlay, it shows high-quality pictures of the property and the area around it taken by satellites in space. These pictures show details like trees, buildings, fences, and paths.

As you use the app’s tools to outline land plots or place distance pins, the underlying satellite imagery helps with accuracy. You can match your measurement lines and pins to visible property features and boundaries in the satellite photos.

It’s like merging an aerial photo map with your digital measurement maps. This gives you the clearest view of the land as you measure it. This section combines the live overhead pictures with your measurement lines and pins on one map.

Mod APK Version of the GLand Measure

GLand Measure MOD Apk is a modded version of the official GLand Measure application with the help of which you can access paid features and enjoy the application without ads.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download GLand Measure Apk & MOD for Android 2024

The GLand Measure is undoubtedly a precise tool for anyone needing to map or calculate land and property sizes. It comes with a beginner-friendly interface that helps you to get familiar with the functioning of features.

Whether you are a farmer, surveyor, or just a homeowner curious about your property size, GLand Measure makes land measurement fast and accurate. Easy import and export the data and share it with others in one click.

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