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Fing MOD Apk v12.7.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on April 19, 2024

App Info

App Name Fing - Network Tools
Publisher Fing Limited
Genre Tools
Size 43M
Version 12.7.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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If you are looking for an application to help you get the most from your ISP, or simply want to know how your Wi-Fi network stacks up against others, Fing is an excellent option.


Introduce about Fing

Fing is a trending application that allows you to test your upload and download speed within the application and it gives you a reading of how fast your internet is running. This is a great feature to have if you are experiencing slow speeds, or if you are curious about how fast your internet actually is. The results are so accurate that it helps you to understand whether you want to upgrade your internet service or continue with the same.

If you want to check your network security then the port scanning option of this application helps you alot. By scanning through all the open ports on your devices, you can find out which ones are vulnerable and need to be closed off. Also, you can use this feature to test your firewall security and see if any ports are left open that shouldn’t be. Overall, the port scanning feature of the Fing App is a great way to improve your network security.

As a parent, you want to make sure that your children are safe when they are using the internet. You can use the parental control feature of the Fing App to do just that. With this feature, you can restrict your children’s access to certain websites and block them from downloading apps and games.

You can also set time limits for how long they can use the internet each day. This is a great way to keep your children safe online and ensure that they’re not spending too much time on their devices.

Local monitoring feature

Thanks to the local monitoring feature of the Fing that allows you to see all devices connected to your network, and capabilities to view detailed information about each device. This can be helpful for troubleshooting issues, identifying unauthorized devices, and more.

Moreover, there can be a chance that your local network will be attacked by hackers and cybercriminals. It also lets you see what devices are using the most bandwidth and discover any security issues.

To use the monitoring feature, simply open the Fing app and select the Monitor tab. From there, you can see a list of all devices connected to your network, and their IP addresses, MAC addresses, and other information. You can also view a map of your network showing the location of each device.

Receive notifications

The Notifications option of the Fing App is a great way to keep track of what’s happening on your network. With this feature turned on, you will receive notifications when devices join or leave your network, when someone attempts to access your network, and when there are problems with your network. This makes it easy to stay informed about what’s happening on your network and take action if necessary.

You can also specify how often you want to receive notifications but it is recommended to keep at default for better functionality and security purposes.


When your internet connection is acting up, or you are trying to diagnose a problem with a remote server, the Fing app’s traceroute feature can help. Traceroute sends packets of data to a remote server and then measures the time it takes for them to return. This information can help you determine the source of a problem and fix it.

Benchmarking reports

Benchmarking your internet service provider performance is now easier than ever with the Fing App. This app offers in-depth reports on ISP speed, latency, and Wi-Fi network performance. It gives you the ability to compare your network performance to others around the world.

The app’s user interface is easy to use and provides all of the information you need to make informed decisions about your internet service. Apart from benchmarking, Fing can help troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues by identifying devices that are causing slowdowns.

Mod APK Version of Fing

Fing MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Fing – Network Tools with the help of which you can easily analyze bandwidth usage and secure your networks by blocking the intruders.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Fing Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Fing MOD Apk is an absolute network tool that helps you to monitor all the local networks in an effective way. You can also view information about the operating system and services running on each device. This can help you to identify vulnerabilities and potential security risks.

The best that most of the users liked about this application is that it includes a comprehensive traffic analysis feature which allows you to see how much data is being sent and received by each device on your network.

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