Fix PUBG Mobile Ping Issue

How To Fix PUBG Mobile Ping Issue (March 2024 Updated)

Updated on March 2, 2024

High PUBG ping is the most frustrating thing for any PUBG player. No matter if you are a rank pusher or competitive player, you must need a stable ping for buttery-smooth gameplay.

Yes, I know, ping depends on internet speed, but there are some other factors too that indirectly affect the PUBG ping. If you are one of them who is getting high ping issues even after connecting to high-speed internet, then today’s article is just for you.

So, in today’s article, I am going to share the top 7 tricks with which you can improve your PUBG Mobile ping and enjoy the lag-free game experience.


What Is PUBG Ping

PUBG Mobile ping issue fix

Ping is a latency (response time) that signals take to communicate with the server and come back. For example, if a signal is taking 100ms time to travel from the server and come back, then we can say that single has a ping of 100ms.

As we know, PUBG Mobile is an online multiplayer game where each action that player performs in the game is communicating with servers. The time taken by the game to communicate with servers for any specific actions is called PUBG Ping.

Lower your mobile ping; smoother your gameplay will be.

How To Fix Pubg Mobile High Ping

Lots of tricks are available on the internet, but most of them are outdated and do not work after the new PUBG Mobile update.

So below, I had shared the top 8 methods with which you can improve your PUBG ping. This method works on any android device that means you can implement these tricks on any android device.

Try Different Internet

Check internet speed

Slow internet speed is the main reason for the low ping. If you ever use a different network connection, then you may know that each network operator has different internet speeds. Also, your internet speed may vary from area to area.

That means You have to find the network operator whose internet speed is high in that particular area.

Some of the high-speed internet providers are Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea.

Change your location

I am not telling you to change your house location, just change the place where you play the game. As I previously said, internet speed is different in different areas, the same as in the house.

You can try different locations where you can play PUBG Mobile like a terrace, main hall, or any place where you get a better ping.

Test your internet speed using various speed test applications and find the golden spot where you are getting constant ping. Try to get as low ping as possible without any fluctuations.

Turn Off Auto Sync

Turn off auto-sync

So many people ignored this most common setting. Some applications like Gmail, google drive, Whatsapp, and many other uses background sync to get the latest updates which indirectly reduce the overall performance of the internet.

Also, keeping the Auto Sync option enable consumes lots of battery and bandwidth. You can stop those background syncing apps to improve your PUBG Mobile gameplay.

How to turn off auto-sync:

  • Open your android setting
  • Navigate to Accounts & Sync
  • Turn off Auto-sync data switch

You can also use the search bar to find ‘Account & Sync’ in your Mobile setting.

Clear all recent app

If you are one of them who likes to do multitasking, then this method is just for you. As we know, various social media applications like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram consume data even if we minimize them.

That means, if you are playing PUBG Mobile with Whatsapp running in the background, then your internet speed is divided into those two applications. Clearing all recent app will help you to focus the maximum of your bandwidth on PUBG Mobile.

You can use various memory cleaner applications like avg cleaner, CCleaner, or even an inbuilt memory booster to remove apps from recent applications altogether.

Use the GFX Tool

Gfx tool is the best way to unlock extreme settings in PUBG Mobile. Along with that, it helps to improve the server-client connection. If you have a low-end device and want to speed up your PUBG performance, then you must have to use this application.

You can Unlock low-latency graphics, which means your graphics will render quickly, which eventually reduces the PUBG Mobile ping.

Some must-have settings are as follows:

  • Change graphics to qHD
  • Set graphics rendering to low
  • Disable shadows

There are so many gfx tools available on the google play store. You have to choose anyone according to your need.

Check your server

choose better servers

Severs play a vital role in PUBG ping. No matter if you have high-speed internet or a high-end gaming device, if you choose the wrong server to play a game, then you are going to face high ping issues though out the game.

As we know, each server has its ping that lies from 20ms-800ms. So, you have to choose the perfect server which is nearest to you.

The average Ping of PUBG servers are as follows:

  • Asia (50ms)
  • Middle East (100ms)
  • Europe (170ms)
  • North America (330ms)
  • KRJP (340ms)
  • South America (390ms)

All the above pings are average ping and may vary according to your country and internet speed.

Use Wi-fi instead of Mobile Data

Most of the player plays PUBG on device’s mobile data which fluctuate a lot. As we know, whenever we receive any text message on a Mobile device, our internet gets stop for a couple of seconds, which dramatically increases the PUBG ping and makes our game choppy.

Smartphones run on the 2.4gH network bandwidth. If you have three or more smartphones in your house, then it makes the 2.4GHz frequency range too congested before it reaches your device.

That’s why, if you want to become a professional PUBG Mobile player, then you must have to switch from Mobile data to a 5gH wifi router.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

I know, there are hundreds of questions in your mind regarding this PUBG Ping trick. Below, I had tried to answer some of the questions that visitors asked me. If you think I haven’t picked up your question, or if you have any new trick that you want to share with us, then comment down. I would love to add that trick here.

Will PUBG ban my account if I use the gfx tool?

No, your account will not be ban. Gfx tool just unlocks the extreme setting, which helps us to get maximum fps while playing the game.

Can I apply the same trick for Pubg Mobile Emulator?

You can, but most of them will not work. As we know, the emulator works on home wifi or direct LAN cable, which means you will get better ping in the PUBG Mobile emulator.

Wrapping It Up

So, that’s it, guys. I am pretty sure that the above methods will help you to improve your PUBG Mobile ping issue. Now experience the lag-free gameplay and combat any close-range fight without worrying about high ping issues.

If you like this trick, then don’t forget to share it with your PUBG Mobile friends. Also, if you have any queries or questions, then comment down. I would love to solve all of your queries. 😀

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