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Plant Care Reminder MOD Apk v12.7 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on January 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Plant Care Reminder
Publisher Aleksei Turbin
Genre Lifestyle
Size 18M
Version 12.7
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 8.0 expand_more
android Android 8.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Are you a plant lover but always forget to take care of your plans? If yes, then you would love the Plant Care Reminder MOD Apk.

Don’t feel guilty just because you are not able to take care of your plans on time. I also have a hard time remembering these things due to my busy schedule. So I installed this application and now it takes care of my timings.


Introduce about Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder is an outstanding application that will never let you forget to give your plants the love and attention it deserves. The application offers lots of amazing features such as my plant section, custom time setup, dark theme, and many others.

It allows users to store detailed information about their plants such as the watering frequency, sunlight exposure requirements, and other maintenance needs. Through personal reminders or notifications set up by users, Plant Care Reminder helps keep track of when certain tasks should be done so that plants stay in optimal condition.

One cool feature of this app is that users can upload photos of their plants and add notes on what works best for them so they have customized instructions whenever they need them. I will describe all the features in the Below section so you will get proper knowledge about this application.

Upload plants photos

Let’s begin with the most important and one of my favorite features of the plant care reminder application which is uploading plants photos.

This feature enables you to keep track of your entire plant collection with ease. Once a photo is uploaded into the app, you can assign information such as the type of plant it is and when it was last watered. This data will be used to remind you when it’s time to water their plants. The photos also serve as a visual reminder so that you can easily identify which plants need tending to, making caring for you much simpler.

I loved the way this feature is designed as it serves as a great way for avid gardeners like me and helps me to stay organized when looking after my beloved plants.

Dark mode for better viewability

The dark mode is an interesting feature of the plant care remainder application that helps you to switch from a light to a dark theme in one click. However, you can switch back to the light theme whenever you want.

The dark mode is a great addition for those who prefer darker screens or are using their phones in low-light environments. It also helps conserve battery life since it requires less power than the traditional white/light themes. When enabled, Dark Mode converts all of the colors on your screen to shades of black and grey, providing a more comfortable viewing experience of plants with increased contrast between backgrounds.

Add notes

Plant Care Reminder makes my work easier by providing me with the easiest way to add notes for every plant. It helps me to remember important information about my plant care. Not only this, it is easier for plant parents like me to keep track of watering schedules, light requirements, and other tips from experts. Yes, you read it right as this application also has a virtual assistant as an expert.

All I have to do is open the app, select the plant I would like to make a note for, then type in the message box. Once saved, I can quickly refer back to the note at any time. The App even allows me to customize my message with emojis!

Mod APK Version of Plant Care Reminder

Plant Care Reminder MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Plant Care Reminder Application with the help of which I improve my plant’s growth with minimal effort.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Plant Care Reminder Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Plant Care Reminder is undoubtedly the best application for keeping your plants healthy and happy. Enjoy tracking the growth of your plants and monitoring their health through beautiful visuals.

My thoughts on plants are that they are a great way to bring color, life, and style into any home. However, taking care of plants can be a challenge for many people as it requires knowledge and dedication to ensure plants stay healthy. This is the reason I introduce this application to you and provide its modified version.

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