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Plantum MOD Apk v3.6.1 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on March 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Plantum - Plant Identifier
Publisher AIBY Inc.
Genre Apps
Size 42M
Version 3.6.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you tired of constantly guessing which plants will thrive in your garden? Do you want to take the guesswork out of plant care and become a successful gardener? If yes, then you would love the Plantum MOD Apk.


Introduce about Plantum

Plantum is a unique application that provides you with the best way of caring for your plants and giving them proper time whenever required.

Its easy-to-use interface allows users to identify plants, diagnose problems, and receive personalized solutions for optimal growth and health. Don’t worry. I will describe multiple features in detail so that you can help the environment to be green and clean.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Plantum provides instant access to an extensive database of plants, diseases, pests, and treatments – all at your fingertips.

Planting Advice for Beginners

I know how hard it can be to get started with planting. There are so many factors to consider, such as soil type, plant species, watering schedules, and more. It can be frustrating for beginners who just want to start growing their own plants at home. That’s why I was delighted when I discovered Plantum, which gives professional-level planting advice.

The app is designed specifically for those who are new to gardening and provides expert tips on everything from selecting the right plants for your garden to caring for them throughout the growing season. With this app, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes or not knowing what you’re doing because it guides you every step of the way. You’ll be able to grow healthy and beautiful plants in no time.

Regular reminders for Watering

It’s easy to forget to water your plants, especially when you have a busy schedule. But with the help of technology, you can now receive regular reminders and warnings for watering your plants right on your Android device. This outstanding Android application is designed to help all plant lovers out there who want their green friends to thrive and be healthy.

Similar to Plant Care Reminder, Plantum is simple yet effective at reminding users about watering their plants on a regular basis. It has a user-friendly interface that can be easily set up in just a few minutes. What sets this app apart from other similar apps is its ability to provide personalized notifications based on each user’s unique plant collection and preferences.

With this app, you won’t have to worry about over or under-watering your plants anymore, as it provides accurate information about how much water each type of plant needs.

Plant Diagnosis

Do you have a green thumb? Or do your plants turn brown and dry up away under your care? Don’t worry, my fellow plant killers, for there is now an app that can diagnose your plants. That’s right, you no longer have to rely on your own intuition or ask the plant carer down the street for help.

Thanks to Plantum, this Android application changed the way you care for your plants. No more guessing if your plant needs water or sunlight – simply take a picture of it and let this app do its magic. With its advanced algorithms, Plantum can detect any potential diseases or issues with your beloved greenery.

Now you can finally impress all of those plant enthusiasts in your life and show off your knowledge about chlorophyll levels and soil pH.

Mod APK Version of Plantum

Plantum MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Plantum application, with the help of which you can identify the plants, diagonalize them and get a complete list of treatment tips for them.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Plantum Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Plantum is a highly advanced plant identifier for Android smartphones in which you will have various options to improve your plant health. There is no need to panic about caring and treatment tips for your plants. This application will provide you with every feature you need to become a true gardener.

Not only this, you will have the option to measure your parts by taking live pictures of them. This functionality is highly accurate as it works on advanced algorithms.

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