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QIWI Wallet Apk v4.54.0 (Full Version) for Android

Updated on December 4, 2023

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App Name QIWI Wallet
Publisher QIWI Bank JSC
Genre Finance
Size 53M
Version 4.54.0
MOD Info Origin APK
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you searching for a reliable digital wallet that can facilitate payments to thousands of merchants in Russia? If yes, then you’ll appreciate the QIWI Wallet Apk. Now, enjoy the ultimate experience of this e-wallet service for fast and convenient payments.


Introduce about QIWI Wallet

QIWI Wallet is one of the most popular digital wallet applications in Russia, renowned for its high-quality services and lightning-fast payment system. This app connects millions of Russian merchants and shoppers, fostering seamless transactions.

The application supports over 20 payment methods across three major countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine. Merchants interested in integrating QIWI as a payment method should seek a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that offers this platform.

Transaction limits vary based on location, merchant category, and other factors. These limits are primarily set in rubles. However, payments in other currencies are also possible, subject to limits based on the current exchange rate with rubles.

Easily make NFC payments

QIWI Wallet lets you pay at retail stores directly using your smartphone instead of cards using NFC tap-to-pay technology.

When you go to the shop checkout counter, look for the QIWI Pay symbol near the billing machine. All you have to do is open your QIWI Wallet and select the Pay NFC option.

When you bring up your smartphone near the billing machine the amount automatically gets deducted from your wallet balance and the receipt gets printed. You don’t have to carry your free virtual plastic card everywhere.

Even this payment mode will help you make payments faster by interacting with your smartphone and machine. The best part is that this contactless mode works seamlessly at convenience stores, cafes, pharmacies, and other places accepting QIWI mobile payments across Russia.

Various business tools

QIWI also offers unique tools to assist businesses with payment acceptance and operational management. For businesses, these features are highly practical.

The platform includes a robust Payment Gateway Integration, enabling services to connect their website checkout pages and apps with the QIWI wallet for direct customer payments. It simplifies creating invoices and generating payment links for client billing.

Beyond payment processing, QIWI provides tools for calculating, processing and distributing salary payments to employee bank accounts. The reporting section offers valuable insights into sales revenue, customer lifetime value, product performance, and more, facilitating efficient end-to-end commerce and operational management.

Managing recurring payments

There are fantastic tools for managing regular repeated payments. You can set up automatic fixed transfers periodically daily, weekly, or monthly for recurring bills like rent, EMIs, insurance, etc. This saves repetitive effort.

When your scheduled build payment is due you will get instant notifications to pay them and avoid fees. It also enables seamless payments for active digital subscriptions by allowing the service to deduct monthly or annual charges automatically without manual effort.

Borrow money digitally to wallet

QIWI Wallet allows you to access loans entirely online for critical spending needs. You can get quick small loans directly in the app wallet to cover urgent cash requirements.

Feel free to borrow large amounts like consumer loans for significant expenses like home renovation, car down payment, wedding costs, etc.

The app provides fair and transparent interest rates compared to outside financing for easier comparison. You can even opt for EMIs to pay back conveniently. All the processes are online and eventually reduce paperwork.

Various investment options

If you have saved some extra money, QIWI Wallet helps you invest this into good options to grow your wealth slowly but surely for the long term.

You can choose from investment collections of different companies’ shares, bonds, and other assets by finance experts. The app lets you directly see and fund interesting upcoming ideas from small businesses or individuals.

Invest your money into professionally managed mutual fund schemes and monthly investment plans that give returns based on overall stock market performance over long periods of time.

Budgeting and expense tracking

One of the things I like most about this financial application is that it provides various planning and spending tools.

Thanks to the automatic spend categorization feature, all your spending is automatically tagged into categories like grocery, travel, shopping, bills, and many more based on the merchant’s name.

Feel free to limit how much you want to spend in a month for categories like dining, entertainment, clothing, and many more. The app alerts you before you exceed the limits. It helps me to be disciplined every time.

QIWI provides helpful reports that show how much you have spent across categories. It also shows how money comes in from salary, business gifts, and other sources and goes out for expenses over a specific period.

Download QIWI Wallet Apk v4.54.0 for Android

QIWI Wallet is an outstanding finance application that will help you transfer money quickly. You need a mobile number to register for this application and are ready.

There is no fee charged for topping up the wallet balance. It keeps providing regular invoices for traffic fines, education, taxes, etc.

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