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AccuBattery MOD Apk v2.1.4 (PRO Unlocked)

Updated on February 13, 2024

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App Name Accu​Battery
Genre Tools
Size 9M
Version 2.1.4
MOD Info Pro Unlocked
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Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Are you in search of an application that helps you to maintain your device battery and keep it long-lasting without affecting any internal system? If yes, then look no further than AccuBattery MOD Apk.


Introduce about AccuBattery

AccuBattery is the most effective application for your android device that monitors your battery’s performance and provides you with relevant information on how to get the most out of your device. The application offers lots of amazing features such as an intuitive interface, battery optimization, dark mode, charge alarm, and many others.

It tracks your charge cycles and recommends when you should scale your battery for maximum performance. By using this application, you can easily maximize the lifetime of your battery without any negative effects from calibration. The more accurate the information about your battery capacity is, the longer your battery will last.

AccuBattery will show you detailed information on your battery’s health so that you can always be aware of how much time you have left before having to recharge it again. It presents all the information in a user-friendly interface so that you can easily access it from your device. You will be aware of any changes to your battery’s capacity if you measure it regularly using AccuBattery. The application suggests an interval based on how intensively you use your device and what kinds of applications are installed on it. A good thing about this application is that it won’t modify any system settings or interfere with other applications, making it a simple yet effective tool for managing the performance of your Android phone’s battery.

Intuitive interface to monitor everything

The application is made to be easily usable by anyone due to its friendly user interface. Its dark mode makes the app look extremely decent. Every feature has been well organized to provide you with all the information you need when it comes to your battery’s performance.

The screen lets you know exactly how much power remains before having to recharge, what your battery’s current status is, which apps are draining it and how long it will last until your next charge under the current conditions.

Estimate battery lifetime

Just like Kernel Manager, AccuBattery provides users with an estimate of the time their batteries will last under current conditions (assuming no major changes in usage). Here, you can see the estimated number of days left on a single charge as well as an estimation of how many charging cycles are left before the smartphones lose more than 10% performance. This information helps you make informed decisions about whether or not to upgrade your phone.

Using information about your device’s battery capacity over time, the application also lets you see how well your battery is performing relative to its original state. You can use this insight to monitor your phone’s aging process and determine when you need to replace it so that you can get more out of each charge.

Avoid overcharging with a charge alarm

AccuBattery also comes with an advanced charging monitor that will automatically stop your device from drawing power once it is full. This is excellent for protecting your battery’s health (and thus preserving its performance over the long term) as well as preventing any potential damage to your phone or battery caused by drawing too much power at once.

You can even enable alarm sounds if you would like notification each time your phone reaches 100%, 80%, and 50% of its total capacity, so you know exactly when to unplug it if you don’t want to save on recharge time.

Mod APK Version of AccuBattery

AccuBattery MOD Apk is a modded (premium) version of the official AccuBattery application, in which you will get free access to all the premium features.

Mod features

  • Pro Unlocked

Download AccuBattery Pro MOD Apk for Android

AccuBattery PRO Apk has been designed as an intuitive application that can be used by even those who are new to all this, so simply download it now and never again deal with shortened battery life. The application supports all android devices no matter whether they are low or high configured, you will get optimal performance.

Thanks to the highly active developers who keep upgrading this application and satisfy the users with the performance. In fast-charging mode, the phone is charged as quickly as possible until it is full while still maintaining a safe temperature level.

With trickle mode enabled, the phone charges more slowly, but this helps keep its internal temperature within a safe range. You can select which of these modes to use depending on whether you need a quick charge, a full charge, or the longest battery life possible.

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