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AR Plan 3D Tape Measure MOD Apk v4.8.6 (Premium) for Android

Updated on March 10, 2024

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App Name AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler
Publisher Grymala
Genre Tools
Size 53M
Version 4.8.6
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 8.0 expand_more
android Android 8.0
wifi Internet connection required


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AR Plan 3D Tape Measure MOD Apk could be the perfect application for anyone seeking the easiest way to measure their room’s dimensions with full accuracy. It offers various tools to create a perfect 3D model of your home in no time.

Moreover, it features a LiDAR scanner that automatically fetches the area and provides proper insights.


Introduce about AR Plan 3D Tape Measure

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure is a fantastic mobile app that instantly measures rooms, creates floor plans, and visualizes designs using augmented reality and your smartphone’s camera. It aids in completing projects before deadlines and reduces the chances of mathematical errors.

Any measurements taken can be instantly converted into a 3D floor plan model. In the immersive visual mode, you can walk around a 3D replica of your rooms for an interactive, realistic experience.

Besides the top-view 3D model, the app also generates a 2D side-view diagram. It accurately outlines vertical clearances, window positioning, furniture heights, and divisions for a complete geometric perspective.

Turning your smartphone into a tape

The AR Plan 3D Tape Measure app leverages intelligent technology known as augmented reality (AR), which enhances the standard camera on your smartphone by overlaying extra digital information on what the camera sees.

This app transforms your phone’s camera into a virtual measuring tape that accurately measures lengths. To use it, simply point your smartphone’s camera at any wall, door, window, or piece of furniture. Then, use your finger to draw an imaginary line across the surface you wish to measure on the smartphone screen.

As you draw the line, the app automatically detects its length in either feet or meters, effectively using the camera as a virtual measuring tape.

This eliminates the need for a physical tape measure and the struggle to keep it straight and steady.

Auto distance and area calculation

The AR Plan 3D app doesn’t just display the lengths of lines you draw with the camera; it can also calculate areas and volumes.

For instance, when measuring a room, you will draw tape lines around the perimeter to outline the entire shape. As you automatically delineate a room’s boundaries with tape lines, AR Plan converts those lines into a floor plan sketch.

It then detects the enclosed area and uses mathematics to give you a precise room area in square feet or square meters. This means you can know exactly how much flooring would be needed to cover that room without any extra effort.

In addition to perimeter and area, the app can even estimate volume if you provide the room’s height. This feature ensures you don’t have to worry about the common mistakes that occur while creating projects.

Customizable floor plan design

If you want the 3D model to resemble your real rooms rather than plain shapes, then the Customizable Floor Plan Design feature will be of great help. You can easily customize the 3D model to add textures and colors to the walls, change the lighting, and more.

This customization capability allows you to experiment with different finishes on the 3D model before finalizing anything for real. Feel free to try out various combinations of colors on different parts and items available in your 3D model.

Measurement data tracking

When using AR Plan to measure different parts of your home, the app automatically saves that measurement data. This feature is particularly useful if you take measurements over multiple days, as the app tracks and compiles everything. It becomes handy when you are purchasing materials for upgrading floors, walls, and other items later.

You can check the floor area numbers in the app, eliminating the need to remeasure the entire house again.

Mod APK Version of AR Plan 3D Tape Measure

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure MOD Apk is a modded version of the official AR Plan 3D Tape Measure, Ruler application, with the help of which you can eliminate mismeasurements and create floor plans right from your smartphone.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download AR Plan 3D Tape Measure Apk & MOD for Android 2024

AR Plan 3D Tape Measure is a mind-blowing and time-saving application that supports metric units (feet, cm, m) and imperial units (inches, yards) to suit your preference.

All generated diagrams can also be exported in PDF or image formats, making them easy to share across platforms.

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