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Archer Hero 3D MOD Apk v1.9.7 (Removed Ads)

Updated on February 24, 2024

App Info

App Name Archer Hero 3D
Publisher VOODOO expand_more
Genre Casual
Size 98M
Version 1.9.7
MOD Info Removed Ads
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Gamers try various archery games in order to kill time but are unable to find the one that matches their taste. If you are into archery games then just load your arrows because it’s showtime.

Archer Hero 3D MOD Apk is a simple yet creative game where you can control a character through different locations and defeat enemies with bows and arrows. So what are you waiting for? Just grab this game and show your shooting skills.


Introduce about Archer Hero 3D

Archer Hero 3d is an archery game loaded with enemies which have to be taken down in order to complete missions. The opponents can emerge from any location on the map and so you should be alert with your attacks. The damage depends on which part of the enemy you are attacking. Some may require multiple hits before they are killed.

The game is offered by VOODOO and the graphics are indeed amazing. Models are used to represent people without much detail about faces and expressions. With every attack, the impact seems to be realistic and the gameplay is indeed smooth.

Tons of enemies

Not only there are tons of enemies in Archer Hero 3D, but the fact that they are strong also makes the game truly interesting. Initially, there will be only thugs with just one stick in hand but as the game progresses, there will be ninjas with sharp blades and protective shields. In order to defeat them, you have to break their shields first.

As the game progresses, you need to improve your skills and aims because the enemy with shields will require more arrows to be taken down. In this process they might end up coming closer to you and so aiming for the enemy’s head is the faster way to take them down. Do keep on practicing as the enemy will grow stronger will increasing levels.

Unlock new maps

Similar to Archero, there are plenty of maps in Archer Hero 3D. Each terrain has got its own characteristics can you can take advantage of it by learning about the place in detail.

For example, if the enemy is near the sea, you can aim for the enemy’s body. On doing such, the body will fall into the water and eventually die. Some map has gas tankers. So just aim for those tanks and it will explode causing the nearby enemies to be killed.

With the increasing levels, the number of enemies will also increase. In some missions, you will have to encounter 4-5 thugs at a time. In such situations, if the timing is not accurate then you will be defeated and have to restart the mission from the beginning. So it better is, just to upgrade your skills and make the best use of the terrain.


Focus on taking down the enemy as early as possible because if they come closer that it becomes a bit tough to take them down. The difference between a killed and an un-killed enemy is displayed in its colour. The gameplay is indeed smooth and the after-effects of hitting the enemy are really awesome.

The system provides the players with unique weapons such as bows and arrows. Just shoot the thugs and take back the areas captured by them. On destroying all the thugs, the character will move towards the destination gate and eventually to the next mission.


The controls in Archer Hero 3D are indeed simple, just move your finger and move the characters accordingly. If you want to shoot the enemy at a particular area, just move the arrow to that particular point and tap on the shoot.

Exciting mission

There are tons of missions in Archer Hero 3D and each one has lots of enemies to attack you. Use your weapon to overcome those and continue to the next level.

The progress bar at the top of the screen displays the number of enemies left so you can plan your strategy. The diversity in the number of missions always brings new experiences.

Mod APK Version of Archer Hero 3D

Archer Hero 3D MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Archer Hero 3D where you can take down enemies with archery skills.

Mod features

  • Removed Ads

Download Archer Hero 3D Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Archer Hero 3D is a cool game to spend your time in a better way. This archery game is loaded with bows and arrows and the enemies are tougher than expected. Practice your aiming and reflexes to better tackle the thugs.

This is a journey against gangsters, and you have to bring the best out of yourself to regain peace. The mission is indeed long and you have to keep your calm and fight with all you got. With Archer Mod 3D, you can have a good time gaming.

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