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Bed Wars MOD Apk v1.9.29.1 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on January 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Bed Wars
Publisher Blockman GO studio expand_more
Genre Action
Size 686M
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Do you love playing funny and entertaining games on your smartphones and searching for the most enjoyable game to play on your android devices, then Bed Wars MOD Apk will be the perfect fit for you as it is a spinoff to Blockman Go, where you will encounter breathtaking adventures and multiple game modes with blocky graphics. And we all know games that have blocky graphics are always fun to play, and you can play these types of games an entire day without getting bored.


Introduce about Bed Wars

Bed Wars is an online PVP action game offered by Blockman GO studio. The game is set in the sky, where you have to beat your opponents on the islands and need to destroy your opponent’s beds and protect your beds from getting destroyed to win the game. This is a teamwork game, so you can create a team of up to 4 players and play together to protect your beds to win the game.

The game gives you the experience of playing the battle royale games as there are plenty of maps available that you can play, and the server will automatically add opponents to that map. The server will appoint your group with a team color while joining. After 16 players are entered, the game will begin. And as you eliminate every single player, you can earn gold and diamonds, and once you have killed all the team players, your team wins.

After winning every single game, you will be awarded rewards, coins, gold, diamonds, and more. You can use these rewards in the item shop to unlock new avatars, accessories, upgrade items, and weapons such as axe, pickaxe, bow, sword, and a lot more. Similarly, you can also unlock accessories and skins like a holy unicorn, wooden diamond shark, Ragnarok, and many more.

Simple game mechanics

The game might have battle royale elements, but it is comparatively easy and fun to play as it has pretty easy mechanics and simple controls that everyone can execute properly. You simply need to navigate your character by building blocks in the sky, and whenever you spot an enemy, you have to kill them with weapons or use different tactics to eliminate your opponents.

Multiple game modes

Similar to battle royale games, you will get different game modes to play. You can choose to play the solo, duo, trio, and squad mode. However, each of these modes accompanies the same gameplay, but you need to play according to the game pace and also need to apply different tactics and actions to eliminate your opponents.

However, playing in the squad mode, your probability of winning the game will increase as you can play together and make ideal winning strategies to kill your enemies.

Live chat

Another mind-blowing thing I liked about the game is its live chat feature which allows you to chat with your teammates while battling in combat. This feature will help you make ideal winning strategies and help your teammates while they are stuck in an intense game situation.

The best thing about this chat system is it automatically identify your language so that if you are playing with random players, you don’t find any difficulties communicating with them.

Character customization

Rather than battling in the intense combats, the game lets you have some fun in the game by customizing your character look as it features a custom avatar option where you can change the look of your character. You can use various items such as skins, outfits, helmets, shoes, and many more things to enhance your character look. So use multiple attractive items and show off your creativity to make your avatar beautiful and stylish.

Mod APK version of Bed Wars

Bed Wars MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Bed Wars game where you have to protect your base from the enemies and join the friends to get the ultimate fun of the adventurous world.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money

Download Bed Wars MOD Apk for Android 2024

Bed Wars is a perfect blend of action, strategy, simulation, and battle royale games, which has blocky graphics and an entertaining storyline that keeps you stuck to the game for hours. Due to its variety of game modes, breathtaking adventures, and exciting features, you will never feel bored by playing this game.

However, this game is free to download and play, but it is stacked with many premium items, and without those items, you cant progress the game and start feeling bored with the game. And if you want all the premium stuff in your inventory, you need to spend around $99, or you can avail of them for free by downloading the Bed Wars MOD Apk.

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