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Breethe – Meditation & Sleep MOD Apk v5.6.8 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on January 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Breethe - Meditation & Sleep
Publisher Breethe
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 152M
Version 5.6.8
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Meditation apps are becoming more popular as people are looking for ways to reduce stress and improve their mental wellbeing. But with so many different apps to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Don’t worry, the Breethe MOD Apk comes with every premium feature you want for meditation and perfect sleep.


Introduce about Breethe

The Breethe – Meditation & Sleep App is designed to help users achieve a better sense of well-being through meditation.

Whether it’s trying to eat healthier, exercising more, or simply meditating more regularly, it’s important to track your progress in order to stay motivated.

The Breethe has a great feature that allows you to track your progress. You can set goals for how often you want to meditate, and then track your progress over time. This is a great way to see how well you’re doing, and it can help keep you motivated to stick with your meditation routine.

Relaxation music

The Breethe Apk has a built-in relaxation music feature that can be used for meditation or sleep. There is a library of different sounds to choose from, including beach waves, thunderstorms, and forest ambiance. Listening to relaxing music can help to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and promote better sleep.

Thanks to the developer of this application who keeps increasing the number of relaxation sounds for better user engagement.

Sleep trackers

Sleep trackers are not a new technology and I think most of you are very well aware of it, but the way they are being used is changing. Normally, sleep trackers were used to monitor and improve sleep quality. However, the Breethe – Meditation & Sleep App is using sleep tracker monitors to help people with anxiety and depression.

The app includes a feature that monitors how long and how well users sleep. It also tracks heart rate, respiratory rate, and movement. This data is then used to create personalized meditation exercises for users.

Share your progress

The Breethe meditation app has a great new feature that allows users to share their progress with others. This is a great way to stay motivated and connected with other meditators. You can see how long someone has been meditating, how many sessions they have done, and what type of meditation they are doing.

To share your progress, open up the Breethe app and go to the My Stats page. There, you will see an option to share your progress on social media or through email.

It can also be inspiring for others who are looking for ways to improve their mental health.

Built-in timer

There is a built-in timer in the meditation app that is a helpful feature for those who want to meditate but don’t know how long to do it. The timer has several options including 5, 10, 15, 20, and 30-minute intervals. Feel free to customize the timer so that it rings once the time is up or repeats until you stop it. Actually, the timer is a helpful way to make sure you are meditating for the correct amount of time and not too short or long.

Bedtime visualization

When it comes to getting good sleep, many people need the best visualization techniques. And for those who want to try this approach but don’t know where to start, the Bedtime Visualizations feature of the meditation app Breethe is the thing they want.

However, Bedtime Visualizations is a guided meditation that helps you relax and fall asleep. It features soothing sounds and visuals that are designed to help you remove the full day’s stress and worries in one go.

Similar to Calm, this app offers two different versions of the visualization: one for people who want to focus on relaxation, and one for those who want to achieve a deeper sleep. The relaxation visualization features calming images and sounds like waves crashing on the shore or chirping birds, while the deep sleep visualization includes more intense visuals like storms or fires.

Mod APK Version of Breethe

Breethe MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Breethe – Meditation & Sleep App with the help of which you can get access to hundreds of guided meditations right from your smartphone.

Mod features

  • Premium Membership Unlocked

Download Breethe Apk & MOD for Android 2024

The guided meditation session in Breethe MOD Apk helps users to focus on their breath and relax their minds. The sleep tracker monitors users’ sleeping patterns and provides tips for getting a better night’s sleep. And the daily meditation goal encourages users to meditate for at least five minutes every day.

Each step of the meditation process is easy to follow and can be completed in just a few minutes. The app is free to download and use, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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