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JEFIT MOD Apk v11.39.11 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Updated on April 5, 2024

App Info

App Name JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker
Publisher Jefit Inc.
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 65M
Version 11.39.11
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 12.0 expand_more
android Android 12.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Do you go to the gym and are searching for an application that will help you track your progress and provide customized workouts? If yes, then you would love the JEFIT MOD Apk.

Now, get professional-level recommendations on how to meet your fitness goals in less time.


Introduce about JEFIT

JEFIT is one of the best gym workout plan trackers for Android users. This application provides you with every tool you need in your fitness journey.

There are various programs available in this application that help you to strengthen your body right from your smartphone. Enjoy browsing more than 1400 exercises at your fingertips, and start your journey by registering your preferences.

The best thing about this application is that it provides alternatives for almost every exercise. It eventually lets you try something new and never lets you feel bored. The Rest Timer must be utilized as the perfect way to increase training intensity and efficiency.

Find perfect exercise from the database

I know finding new workouts is a challenging task. But don’t worry, the JEFIT application makes it simple with a huge database of over 1400 exercises.

It includes exercises for every body part, so I prefer this health app the most. You can filter the things according to your preferences. Suppose you want to target the muscles and focus on your biceps. Then, you can search for the biceps and set it.

Each exercise shows step-by-step images so you can get the perfect form. There are animated gifs that demonstrate the movement so that you can follow them.

Of course, you can treat it like your personal trainer and get help anytime. Feel free to save your favorite lifts to find them quicker next time.

Customize your expanded routine

One of the things I like most about this application is that it provides an expanded routine customization system. But for that, you have to be a premium customer of theirs.

This feature lets you enjoy truly personalized workout programming.

The app learns your unique recovery capacity based on age, lifestyle demands, sleep, nutrition, and training level. It then provides customizable adjustments to variables like recommended lift selections, sets and reps prescribed, weight-loading pointers, and even how much rest you need between sets.

I follow everything according to it as it prevents overtraining injuries and helps me sustain long-term progression. Now, there is no need to follow generic programs that are boring and unfit for our bodies.

Use body visualization tool for 3D avatar

This is an optional section, but it motivates a lot. With the help of body visualization tools, you can create a 3D avatar with your current body measurements. After that, you can watch the transformation in your body and compare the muscle growth and fat loss.

An easy-to-use slider in the app lets you slide your old body circumference measurements against current numbers. This is how you can spotlight where you have leaned out and gained mass.

The side-by-side progress photo comparison is also awesome. Upload periodic photos in the same poses to view your physique upgrades within the JEFIT app.

Mind map workouts

I am a big fan of JEFIT’s Mind Map tool for smart exercise suggestions. The application has a powerful system that analyzes each lift’s biomechanics and muscle activation to make science-based recommendations. Yeah, these are so specific according to your body.

This eventually lets you discover alternative exercises that safely work the same muscles if you have injuries or pains to work around. Also, the mind map section keeps increasing the difficulty of exercises and provides new challenges based on your progress and strength.

This app provides you with a variety to break from repetitive moves while still fulfilling equivalent effectiveness. With Mind Map guidance, you can keep gaining strength and size without risking dangerous overuse.

Join the awesome community of athletes

One of my favorite parts of JEFIT is how you can constantly find new helpful workout content through the app’s social community. You will connect with a supportive community of fellow athletes at all experience levels when you join.

I love taking advantage of their experience, which keeps my training fresh and inspired.

After entering your workouts, you can scroll through the feed and see what your JEFIT friends have done in their recent sessions. Feel free to check their personal records and ask questions to them directly.

Don’t forget to check the professional members’ recommendations and creative exercise combinations, as it will save you time and greatly help you.

You can discover and learn from your direct connections, and the entire JEFIT community continuously contributes their workouts, achievements, and insights. Search top hashtags or groups to uncover content relevant to your goals.

Mod APK Version of JEFIT

JEFIT MOD Apk is a modded version of the official JEFIT Gym Workout Plan Tracker application, with the help of which you can have an exhaustive premium exercise database at your fingertips.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download JEFIT Apk & MOD for Android 2024

JEFIT is a perfect fitness app designed for everyone no matter whether you are a beginner, bodybuilder, powerlifter, or anyone with different goals. In this application, you will also get recommendations from an AI trainer, and it will depend upon the data you have entered.

So enjoy the ultimate experience of taking your fitness journey from basic to advanced level. This application will help you in every aspect of your workout sessions.

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