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Strava MOD Apk v355.13 (Free Subscription) for Android

Updated on April 19, 2024

App Info

App Name Strava
Publisher Strava Inc.
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 131M
Version 355.13
MOD Info Free Subscription
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Health-conscious people try limitless ways to stay healthy. It requires discipline, willpower, and a strict routine. But all of these efforts will be futile without keeping records of the daily exercise plan. So, today I am going to share the Strava MOD Apk that completes all of your activity tracking-related issues.


Introduce about Strava tracker

Strava gives you huge benefits with little effort. This single application performs the function of tracking data and also tells you the calories you burned during respective exercises. You will become sure about the efficiency of your workout program. With the knowledge of output received as calories reduction, one can adjust the input by making necessary changes in their workout routine. Users get an option to choose exercises with maximum loss in calories. With such guidance, you can achieve your goals early.

To perform active and intelligent work, go for exercises that burn more calories. No need to waste your time working in opposite directions. Strava organizes your data in an easily comprehensive manner so that you can check and choose the most beneficial exercise.

Trainees can set multiple desired routes and follow them by installing GPS on their androids. Like this, you will be able to run with your track guide and inherit good habits in your practice.

This app is user-friendly and designed to help people. It will put a full stop to your slacking attitude and boost you to stay active and focused. Do check the data daily and make sure to maintain a steep slope of your practice graph. Users continuously progress and achieve their goals by working smartly with this application.

Share data and boost confidence

You can dominate your routine and spread awareness among your friends by sharing the data. Their comments will support you more and simultaneously will encourage them to join the chain of fitness.

Strava is not restricted up to recording just your kilometers. Users can track their sleep cycle and feel like a real freak about health conditions. It will include a healthy habit of practicing different tasks on time and will raise your passion for health.

If you are a fitness freak, then Calm could be your best alternative to Strava.

Suffer score

Strava has a proprietary feature to calculate the difficulty of a workout. It requires the user to wear a compatible heart rate monitor to track and update the status. It will help you have a fair competition between you and your friends. Guidance of this level makes you professional in maintaining your health.

Statistical reports

Strava is known for its high-quality features that provide great accessibility to the users. We all know the importance of written records and how our brain works on images.

By looking at the statistical analysis of calories burned every day, users get accurate information about one’s workout routine. Thus go for this application and work out with your most reliable training partner.

This health app provides the effectiveness of your workout in the form of numeral values. These statistical values are easy to understand. The user gets an idea of productivity by comparing numerical values.

Record daily tasks

Daily tasks performed should be recorded and examined for their benefits on your body, but nobody can run with you a paper and pen to record. Strava is one such application that records every single detail of your training session. This app is compatible with all different exercises, whether it is swimming, running, or cycling.

Along with that, it guides you and helps you to draw efficient training programs using the data recorded in it. The day-to-day analysis at Strava transforms you from a regular diet-conscious person to a fitness freak.

Mod APK Version of Strava

Strava MOD Apk is a modded (cracked) version of the official Strava tracker application where you can calculate, compare and discuss your flaws and strengths.

Mod features

  • Free Subscription

Download Strava Premium Apk for Android 2024

Strava is an excellent application to track all of your morning activities like cycling, running, and whatever you do physically. Moreover, this application offers one or two innovative exercises for beginners. They can use them to warm up their body and then go back to their original routine.

Staying healthy and fit has never been a cakewalk, but one should never give up without trying. Strava helps you stay determined and brings improvement in your daily curriculum. It prevents unnecessary wastage of time and gives you an accurate idea about the organization of your routine. With Strava in your smartphone, you become capable of bringing the best out of yourself.

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