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Freer PRO Apk v9.8 (TikTok, Insta & FaceBook)

Updated on November 16, 2023

App Info

App Name Freer PRO
Publisher Androbone
Genre Tools
Size 6M
Version 9.8
MOD Info Latest Version
Requires android Android 9.0 expand_more
android Android 9.0
wifi Internet connection required

Are you looking for an application that helps you get popular on social media platforms without effort? If yes, then you would love the Freer PRO Apk.

Now, enjoy watching your followers grow on multiple platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.


Introduce about Freer Pro

Freer Pro is a very helpful application with the help of which you can take your social media presence to the next level. This application provides you with every tool that you need to grow naturally.

One of the things that I like most about this application is its ease of use. You will get all the tools on the app’s home screen, and they can be accessed in one click.

In the beginning, you have to link your social media accounts in which you want to get followers and engagement on your posts. However, it’s up to you whether you want to link to the original or secondary account.

Note – Freer Pro is developed by a 3rd party developer, and Thinkkers hasn’t personally modified it. Avoid using on personal accounts as they may be compromised.

VipTools – Powerful TikTok Automation

The VipTools module within Freer Pro is designed specifically for boosting TikTok accounts. It automatically delivers likes, hearts, followers, and views to your TikTok video content from real users. Everything is automated but reliable at the same time.

If you want to get viral on TikTok, you have to build an audience; this application can do this work for you in no time. VipTools engages genuine viewers who will appreciate and interact with your videos. It gradually builds your follower count, likes, and overall authority. It means there will be no flag from the backend team of TikTok.

Enjoy using this tool as it is completely safe and avoids detection from TikTok. It delivers natural growth in line with your content quality.

Ezlikers – Effortless Instagram Expansion

Ezlikers provides hands-free automation for expanding your Instagram presence. You need to connect your account, and Ezlikers works on auto-liking posts from your target audience. This signals to them that they should check out and follow your profile.

As your account gets older, Ezlikers brings you more visibility through organic likes and new followers. It engages users who are genuinely interested in your Instagram content. Your photos and videos gain the exposure needed to build a loyal audience.

You must use Freer Pro Apk as your personal Instagram assistant, working 24/7 to grow your profile correctly.

FB Sub – Autopilot for Facebook Growth

The FB Sub tool gives Facebook pages and profiles a major boost. I use this feature regularly, and it provides me with exponential growth.

It automatically locates high-potential Facebook users and engages them to drive likes, comments, and new followers to your page.

FB Sub saves a lot of your time and work of promoting your Facebook manually. You can run it daily in the background and return to find new followers, conversations, and post feedback.

I always use it to increase engagement on my Facebook business page. However, it will depend upon your requirements. Feel free to use it to build a personal profile, boost a specific post, or do anything else.

Safe and Undetectable Automation

A major advantage of Freer Pro Apk is all growth occurs organically through real users. It does not artificially inflate your accounts using fake profiles or bots. This avoids account bans and blocks. I have been using this for a long time, and no account of mine has ever been affected.

The app operates completely in the background, and the social platforms cannot detect its automation. I know their algorithms are powerful, but they can’t check the backend system of this application.

Freer Pro is designed carefully within platform guidelines for organic growth. The founders know all the tricks to avoid anti-spam systems. You can feel confident using it to enhance your social media popularity.

Download Freer Pro Apk v9.8 for Android

Freer Pro is a mind-blowing application for social media influencers, business owners, and digital marketers. It helps you to automatically get likes, comments, followers, hearts, and views on your social media posts.

All of these are genuine and safe to use. So enjoy increasing your followers numbers and gaining a lot of popularity worldwide. Don’t forget the risk of getting banned or account frozen issues from social media platforms.

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