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Hidden Folks MOD Apk v2.1.5 (Patched)

Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Hidden Folks
Genre Casual
Size 94M
Version 2.1.5
MOD Info Full Game
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Are you ready to find the hidden things in a beautiful handcrafted world? If yes, then you would love the Hidden Folks Apk.


Introduce about Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks is a game that can transport you to another world where every image seems alive and full of activity. It’s an experience where you get lost in the magic of hand-drawn art and realistic sound effects. You will explore wonderfully detailed landscapes, each with hidden secrets and surprises.

The beauty of Hidden Folks is its simplicity: there are no complex rules or long tutorials to go through before you start playing. Instead, players are encouraged to dive right in and explore the world around them simply.

The game features various levels filled with interactive objects, characters, animals and vegetation that you can interact with by tapping on them or dragging them around.

Easy to familiar with Gameplay

The concept of Hidden Folks is simple – you are tasked with finding hidden characters in a beautifully hand-drawn landscape. However, the premise has a deeper meaning that speaks to the essence of human curiosity.

Fundamentally, Hidden Folks explores the human desire to uncover hidden information and discover new things. It contains the natural human instinct to search for knowledge in all aspects of life, from discovering new cultures to clearing up mysteries that have avoided us for centuries. Hidden Folks taps into this fundamental aspect of our nature by placing players in a world full of secrets and surprises.

In many ways, Hidden Folks serves as a reminder that some of life’s greatest pleasures can be found in discovery itself.

Multiple language support

Hidden Folks is a game that stands out for its unique and innovative approach to gaming. Developed by Adriaan de Jongh and Sylvain Tegroeg, the game has won several awards since its release in 2017. One of its most distinctive features is the support for multiple languages.

With Hidden Folks, players can enjoy the game in different languages the best part is the translation done by the community members. This means that people from around the world can easily play and understand the game regardless of their language proficiency level. Don’t worry about the mistakes, each language version accurately captures local nuances and expressions.

It’s a master stroke considering how much work goes into translating games without losing their essence.

Hand drawn areas

There are 32+ Hand Drawn Areas available in this game. You are going to lost into them. This game takes you on an immersive journey through hand-drawn landscapes.

The Hand Drawn Areas let players to explore and interact with beautifully crafted environments that have been created by hand, rather than generated by a computer. This means that every single element has been carefully considered and crafted. It results in an incredibly rich and detailed world for players to explore.

It truly elevates Hidden Folks from a simple puzzle game into a work of art, an immersive world of wonder waiting to be explored.  

Mod APK Version of Hidden Folks

Hidden Folks Apk is a paid (patched) version of the official Hidden Folks game in which you will get something new to play with.

Mod features

  • Paid For Free

Download Hidden Folks Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Hidden Folks is a highly addictive game where you have to think unique to find your targets. One of the best things that I love in this game is its mouth-originated sound effects that will let you feel like someone is guiding you.

Don’t forget that there are 3 color modes (normal, sepia, and night mode) available to choose from. So enjoy the game to the fullest by keeping rotating the things.

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