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Maxthon Browser Apk v7.2.3.320 Download for Android

Updated on January 25, 2024

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App Name Maxthon browser
Publisher Maxthon Browser
Genre Tools
Size 43M
MOD Info Origin APK
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Requires android Android 12.0 expand_more
android Android 12.0
wifi Internet connection required

Are you looking for the fastest browser application that can easily make it work in any way you like? If yes, then you would love the Maxthon Browser Apk.

Now, enjoy getting more control over your browser and browsing experience.


Introduce about Maxthon Browser

Maxthon is an outstanding browser for Android devices, which is created to be a lightweight and multi-tabbed browser.

It comes with a host of powerful features such as tabbed browsing, URL bar search engine integration, and the ability to bookmark. With this application, you can have multiple open tabs and switch between them in seconds at any point throughout your browsing session.

It also provides excellent privacy by allowing access to local file systems in addition to accessing web servers.

One of the best things that I like most about this browser is that it provides you with a built-in Password Manager. Now you can easily put passwords on your secret downloaded files, browsing history, and many other things.

Multi-tabbed browsing

This is the feature that really makes Maxthon Browser special among other browsers in the android play store. With this feature, there is no need to visit multiple pages. Feel free to compare prices or read reviews of a particular product before making a purchase. All these can be done on the same page using different tabs on your phone’s browser application.

Built-in Search Engine

Maxthon Browser comes with a built-in search engine as well. It is one that provides users with the ability to search for anything on the Internet but also has the capability to perform searches in local and online files. This makes it a very powerful tool if you are looking for something specific and do not want to waste time browsing.

Location sharing

With this application, you can also share your location with friends and family using a simple web page or QR code. This can be really useful if you have lost something by keeping everyone on the same page, so to speak, while they are searching for their missing items. With this feature, there will be no more wondering where it may have fallen since everyone will know exactly where they need to look. The only thing you need is a working Internet connection.

Pinning tabs

Pinning tabs is another feature that comes with this application that users can put to good use. It is a feature that allows you to save your open tabs and then restore them later on when you need them again. This can be done with a single click, which will take you straight back to the page you were browsing previously.

Privacy settings

As with other browsers, Maxthon also provides users with access to the Internet, but this time Google is not used as your default search engine. If you feel that Google infringes on your privacy and gives away too much personal information when it comes to searching for you, then there are options available to adjust their privacy settings in order to give users more control over their information usage.

If you are looking for any premium browsers where you can access websites as you do on a desktop, then Puffin Browser PRO would be the best option for you.

Download Maxthon Browser Apk for Android

Maxthon is an application that has been designed to provide users with fast, safe, and secure Internet access without having to worry about all the various information being collected by Google or any other search engines on what they are doing on the Internet.

It is a thrilling application that comes with a bookmarking feature that allows users to save web pages, clips, or parts of web pages for retrieval later on when they are needed again. You can even create bookmarks from tabs so that you can return to them later on.

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