Muse Dash Apk + MOD v2.9.0 (GOD Mode, Unlocked)

App Name Muse Dash
Genre Music
Size 1.9G
Version 2.9.0
MOD Info Patched
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Last Updated November 14, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

Music lovers who try limitless games but can’t find the perfect combo of music and games in a particular game. Muse Dash Apk is all that you need to have a fun and completely accessible musical experience. The game consists of amazing parkour features and also has a touch of the traditional music game.

Introduce about Muse Dash

Muse Dash is a music game where you have to take three beauties along with you and then fix the world movement that is tampered by the mirror image code and so, it needs to be bought back to reality. The character is the main hero of the game who has to overcome the challenges thrown at them by dancing away all their worries.

All you have to do is to select your favorite beauty and go to your favorite backdrop and then later beat all the bad monsters that are taking away the peace of the world.

Muse Dash Apk Download

In the current trend of fighting and adventure games, a music game might not sound that interesting but Muse Dash is indeed fun to play. It consists of voiceovers that are in sync with the actions displayed on the screen. The graphics used here are of the best quality and the choice of colors is really beautiful which makes the game quite attractive. The visual and sound effects are really good thus making it a must-have game on your phone.

Many options for players

The options in terms of music are really countless. Just choose from tons of existing songs to use in the background for transition. What makes Muse Dash more fun is that the characters get customized according to the tune. It thus results in a series of dance moves and effects that matches the melody and tune of the song.


The option of choosing ‘Women gladiators’ to play the role of Muse Dash is really attractive. The charming introduction of the game throughout the end by those beautiful girls will really keep you connected with the game.

Interestingly the enemies here are damn cute and you can sometimes be confused about whether to attack them or not. The color combination along with the movement of the enemies is really sweet. But don’t be carried away with the feelings as they might give a hard time not being attacked.

In Muse Dash, your job as a female warrior is to collect musical notes, and items and beat all the opponents. Do work on your accuracy because if a passing enemy hits you before you attack, then it might result in losing some of your blood. Although the blood column is long, it’s better to take the safer side and avoid being attacked.

As the level increases, new music keeps on adding up along with new costumes and weapons for the character.


Talking about the controls, then it’s simple too. For example, just one tap is required to go forward and two taps are needed to attack. In order to eat a string of musical notes, simply long press and drag the screen. All might feel difficult initially but with constant practice, the game will become really easy.

Muse Dash

Excellent visuals

Muse Dash is a simple 2D game which is one of the top reasons to attract more players. The surrounding scenery, lovely monsters, adorable characters, and the lights just add to the game. After splashing the enemy’s head, a full range of notes can be collected and can be used later in the game.

In simple words, the scenes are easy to understand without any complicated feelings.

Cool characters

The starting character of Muse Dash is “Rin”. Control the characters through the game and collect multiple items from them. The items can be used to defeat enemies and gear up their dancing skills. Three characters are available in Muse Dash and each has unique abilities and skills.

As the level increases, the enemy gets stronger too and so you have to train more and equip the characters with advanced weapons in order to beat them and bring peace.

Mod APK Version of Muse Dash

Muse Dash Apk is a paid (patched) version of the official Muse Dash game which is a cool musical game with adorable characters. You can access various paid features of the game using this modified version.

Mod features

Free Download – You can download Muse Dash for free.

Download Muse Dash Apk & MOD for Android 2022

Muse Dash is an excellent game to freshen your mind and have an awesome experience. Freely choose romantic music with a gentle background according to your preference.

The colors of the game are not much bright and so comfortable for your eyes. The characters are indeed cute and am sure you gonna fall in love with one of them.

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