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OWRC: Open World Racing MOD Apk v1.0100 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on March 27, 2024

App Info

App Name OWRC: Open World Racing
Publisher Free Square Games
Genre Racing
Size 596M
Version 1.0100
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you a die-hard fan of supercars and looking for a game that can provide you with a realistic experience of driving them in an open world? If yes, then you would love the OWRC MOD Apk.

Enjoy purchasing your dream cars and customizing them according to your needs.


Introduce about OWRC

Open World Racing Cars is a very addictive racing game for Android devices. You will enjoy exploring different aspects of the car racing world.

Enjoy driving in different cars around a huge open world with big cities, winding roads, and tall mountains.

The mechanics of controlling the cars with steering, brakes, gears, and many more things. Of course, it is designed to feel responsive and challenging simultaneously.

You can reach 200 mph speed in high-performance cars that provide the ultimate experience. Focus on the quick reflexes and skill to control the car at the limit.

Impressive car sounds

You will be very impressed with the car-sounding effects.

Driving under bridges or through tunnels changes the sounds and makes me feel like I am under them.

Tires screech loudly when turning fast. Metal scrapes when drifting. Parts bang when you crash.

All the noises make you feel like you are driving the car. The engines sound very powerful. I love the sound of tires screaming when I drift.

Lots of racing events

There are various organized race events across different racing disciplines to challenge your skills.

The circuit races occur on closed tracks and test your precision cornering and consistency over multiple laps.

While point sprint races favor raw speed and aggressive racing over a longer course.

And my favorite, time attack and drift trial events, measure car control and style rather than outright speed.

As you rank up, more prestigious events unlock with faster cars, tougher routes, and highly skilled virtual racers.

Wide range of cars

OWRC includes over 100 cars across multiple performance classes, eras, and body styles.

Initially, I could only afford old, slow cars that could barely go fast enough to thrill me. But I was determined to upgrade. After winning some early circuit races, I bought my best sports car.

The more events I won in the game, the more prize money I collected. You have to do the same to reach success in no time.

There is no limitation for collecting the cars, but you must be dedicated to them. Keep fighting with the racers in the events, challenges, and wherever possible.

Gamepad support

Apart from keyboard and wheel controls, the game is fully optimized for gamepads and provides a great way to play comfortably.

You will be happy to know that the full button remapping is also supported to customize the controls according to your preferences.

Share your greatest drifting moments

The game includes an integrated camera mode for capturing cinematic screenshots of your best-drifting skids.

During drift trials or free-roaming around the open world, you can activate the camera mode in one click.

This pauses the action and lets you turn around the car, adjust focus, depth of field, and other photographic settings. The game simulates realistic motion blur on the car based on the panning camera movement for dramatic effects.

Amazing graphics

The developers of Open World Racing Cars did a wonderful job. You will be pleased with the graphics as it looks highly realistic.

Like driving a real vehicle, you can briefly see the controls and displays right before you. I enjoyed this level of view that connected me to the car.

The advanced 3D models used for the exterior are equally impressive.

And it’s not just the vehicles that are highly detailed. After seeing the view outside your car, you will be thankful to the developers.

Drift Max Pro and Real Drift Car Racing are some other racing games that you should try.

Mod APK Version of OWRC

OWRC MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Open World racing cars game in which you will enjoy awesome PC-level game graphics and can participate in a wide range of car events.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money

Download OWRC Apk & MOD for Android 2024

OWRC is a thrilling car racing game that will never let you feel dull. The challenges keep coming, and you must overcome them with your skills.

Always try to save the in-game currency to upgrade your cars, which eventually lets you earn multiple times what you invested.

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