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Updated on January 7, 2024

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App Name Swype Keyboard
Publisher SwiftKey
Genre Personalization
Size 28M
MOD Info Origin APK
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline

Are you looking for a keyboard application where you can create and save your personal dictionary to type effortlessly? If yes, then you would love the Swype Keyboard Apk.

Enjoy the ultimate experience of using several keyboard layouts at the same time which eventually provides you with a new look.


Introduce about Swype Keyboard

Swype Keyboard is an outstanding keyboard application where users from different countries can choose the language and keyboard layout whenever they want. It is an android application that allows users to input text by sliding their finger over letters of an alphabet on the keyboard. It’s a more efficient way of composing text because it does not require dragging your hands repeatedly across the phone’s keyboard.

The application also allows users to add emoticons and symbols in their messages, which really makes their conversations more interesting by adding more emotional content. These symbols and emoticons can be personalized according to your requirements, no matter which layout you are using.

This application has quite a lot of gestures that you can use to make your writing more efficient and convenient. You can swipe in different directions to create letters or characters such as A, B, and S. Swype Keyboard Apk has several options that allow the text to be revised and redrafted, over and over again until you’re satisfied with it. The text can be revised by using the Swype+Wipe and with that option, which is the most popular in this application, users can swipe their finger over the screen in order to correct typos or add new words.

Another great thing in the keyboard Apk that you can use is its vocabulary builder. This feature allows you to look up words or learn a new word. If you are writing an e-mail, you will be able to use the vocabulary builder feature in order to look up the word and see a definition of it. The main feature that gives this app a 5-star rating is its accuracy. Its accuracy is great, which is the first thing users look for in a keyboard application.

Language support

Swype Keyboard APK supports over 35 languages. If your native language is not supported, you can choose another one in the settings.

However, with this application, you will be able to review and add words quickly, because it makes use of the pronunciation dictionary and phonetic dictionary. This way, you will only have to concentrate on spelling and keeping track of what you are writing.

Autocorrect feature

If you are a high-end keyboard user then you know that autocorrect is not really a new feature, but in this application, it comes with the advancement of technology.

With this feature, users are able to correct any mistakes that they’re making while typing and from that moment on, they will no longer have to worry about hitting the wrong alphabet. When this happens, an alert appears on the screen and allows the user to retype the sentence, which makes correcting these mistakes very efficient and easy.

Several layouts

Swype lets you create several layouts for yourselves, which allows you to perform the same tasks differently. Suppose, if you want to type a form letter, you can incorporate all your information in the same layout and save it. Then whenever you need it again, you just open it up and complete your task.

You will be happy to know that new layouts are constantly added by the developing team.

Download Swype Keyboard Apk v3.2.4.3020400.50699 for Android

Swype Keyboard Apk is an exceptional application for me because it allows us to write with a new way of text inputting without having a keyboard in front of me. It’s like a more modern way of typing.

I also like it because of its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and its privacy. I’m also satisfied with the fact that this application can adapt to how you write and not only how you spell, which is something that many other applications don’t offer.

If you are tired of typing with a regular keyboard, you should give this application a try. It’s a great way to do things faster and more efficiently. You can type faster, while also correcting your work in real time, which is pretty great.

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