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Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Termux
Publisher Fredrik Fornwall
Genre Tools
Size 107M
Version 0.119.1
MOD Info Origin APK
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Requires android Android 5.1


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Enjoy the beauty and awesomeness of Termux right from your smartphone.


Introduce about Termux

Termux is a minimalistic Linux distribution for smartphones. It provides a terminal emulator, text editor, calculator, web browser, and more.

Termux provides the power of Linux with the ease of use of Android. It aims to be as simple, fast, and secure as possible while still being able to provide all the functionality you would expect from a desktop operating system.

One of the best things that I like most about Termux is that its open source, so everyone can and should contribute to the project. I am very thankful to the developers of this application for providing this level of compatibility, even for low-end devices.

Full POSIX compatibility

Termux strives to be POSIX compatible so that it can support as much existing software as possible. POSIX is the most widespread API available and is supported by most software. It is helpful since there are a lot of applications that only work with POSIX, so it is important to support this standard.

In the Termux repository, you can find some programming libraries that are part of the POSIX standard.

Termux also supports alternatives to these libraries, such as Glibc or BSD libc which can be used instead. These alternatives provide similar functionality but have limited support or they cannot exist at all in Linux systems.

The alternative implementation is written from scratch to achieve full POSIX compatibility and requires more effort from its developers.

Package management

The best thing about Termux is that it comes with a package manager inspired by the apt-get utility from Debian Linux. It allows the user to easily install and uninstall packages.

The package manager is based on Repology, a repository database that allows users to search for applications from their terminal. This database works similarly to package managers from other operating systems, so it is easy to learn how to use it.

If you want to install a new application, you can type its name in the command line and if it is available in Termux repositories, then you will be able to install it using the package manager utility.

Access servers over ssh

Termux allows users to access servers using public/private key-based authentication.

To access servers using the ssh protocol, you will need to have the public/private key pair of the account for the remote machine you want to access. In Termux, you can create and store these keys inside Termux itself so that you do not have to keep them on another device.

The private key is stored in Termux, and the public key is stored on your smartphone. The two are linked by a password for security purposes. If a user no longer needs a particular account, he can request that it be removed from the Termux accounts database, removing him from access via ssh as well.

Third party applications for Termux

Termux also comes with some other apps that are not part of its distribution but that make it more useful or fun to use.

One of the included applications is a battery indicator. It shows how much time is left before the battery runs out, allowing you to quickly know when to recharge.

The Termux repository also includes a calculator and a terminal emulator, so you can use them from your Termux terminal alone.

Check out projects with git

Git is a distributed version control system. It can be used to share code, track changes, and easily work together on projects with others.

Termux provides its own minimalistic implementation of git. It is not as feature-complete as other implementations such as GitLab or Github, but it has enough features to allow users to check out their own projects remotely and send code changes back to the original repository if needed.

If you have cloned a repository in another device and want to work on it in Termux, you can use Termux git commands from your Termux terminal (you will need to install the git executable).

Enjoy the bash and zsh shells

You will be excited to know that the Termux comes with a bash shell environment. It means that the default program you start from your terminal is the bash shell, and it offers the same syntax as you would use in other Linux environments (such as Ubuntu or Fedora). This makes it easy to use and adapt to other operating systems once you become familiar with its terminal commands.

Some of the basic bash commands are ls, cd, mkdir, cp, and more. You can read more about them here.

The zsh shell comes with similar command line functionality as bash, but it is slightly different in some areas. Many of its features have been added by Addy Osmani, an active member of the Raspberry Pi community. These include commands like mkfifo, which creates named pipes in which you can efficiently communicate between shell programs.

Download Termux Apk v0.119.1 for Android

Termux App is a full-featured and perfectly working terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android devices.

I love using Linux terminals, and I also love using Android as my main operating system. Termux brings together these two great worlds into a single package. It is not as complete as other terminal emulators, but it is still a very useful tool for all Linux lovers out there.

If you have used Termux or any other Android shell terminals before, do not forget to share your experiences in the comments section below! You can also post any questions you have regarding the app or anything else related to Termux. I am always available for Thinkkers audience.

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