Virtual Credit Card In India

Virtual Credit Card In India 2024 (For Free NetFlix)

Updated on December 31, 2023

Are you searching for any ways to get Virtual Credit Card India for Netflix trials? Then you are in the right place. Today I will tell you the Easiest Ways To Get a Free working Virtual Credit Card (VCC) which you can use to get a free Netflix account.

Also, I am gonna share my favourite VCC providers In India that are easy to use and 100% secure.

I know, before buying online products or services from an online website, there is a little bit of doubt that is this site legit? Will my card misuse? Will it do any fraudulent transaction from my card? And many more. So, to protect our security over the internet and give us a hassle-free online transaction, many banks and websites provide a virtual credit card (VCC).

Still, have confused about VCC and how can we use it for Netflix trials? Then keep reading, and I promise you will find the best way to get a virtual credit card in 2024.


What is Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

Virtual Credit Card India for netflix

As the name indicates, Virtual Credit card is a prepaid credit card which can be only used for online transaction and you cannot use it in ATM.

Same as prepaid cards, we can create VCC of the exact amount as we want. The amount you want to use on online websites.

Virtual Credit Card is the safest way to make an online payment and give the satisfaction that our credential security won’t be compromised. It is the best option if you don’t have a credit card in India.

The debit card isn’t accepted everywhere, like domains, hostings websites, and even on Netflix, Hotstar, amazon prime, and Hulu. So we can use Indian Virtual Credit Card to do international transactions.

A virtual credit card has an expiry of 24 to 48 hours. That means if you make any card and don’t use it for 24 hours, then it automatically expired, and your balance will credit to your primary bank account.

Also, an online merchant cannot use the higher amount that the limit of the card.

For example, consider you make a VCC of 100 Rs for an online product. So, online merchants never overcharge you while making the payment. So there will be no risk of using it for buying trials.

Why we use a virtual credit card for trials accounts

The essential reason to use a virtual credit card is security.

Virtual Credit Card India (VCC) puts the separation gap between your bank and the actual credit/debit card. That helps the user to stay secure from being the victim of online fraud.

It is just a system-generated number in which we can set the limit for any specific amount.

Also, if you don’t have an own credit card, then Virtual Credit Card is the best option to make international online payments.

For me, it is always hard to own a personal credit card because it requires so many procedures like current account, resident proof, and so on.

So I tried VCC as an alternative for it. After using Virtual Credit Card, I got amazed because I can do all online transaction that requires a credit card.

Many banks and services provide free Virtual Credit cards for Netflix, i.e., you don’t have to pay money to create it and you can easily buy Netflix’s one-month membership using it.

Quick Overview of why you should use a Virtual Credit Card :

  • Provides Security
  • Support International Online Payments
  • Custom amount limit
  • Can cancel and create new at any time
  • Unique card each time

How To Get Netflix Unlimited Trial Using VCC

As we know, many premium accounts like Netflix, amazon prime, Hulu, and Hotstar provide trial accounts for their new users.

The intention behind that is simple. Trial accounts are free to use, so most of the users who come to Netflix signup for it. But companies set some limitations of a trial account.

For full features, users have to buy their premium plans.

But, we are here to use these free trial account unlimited time using a fake virtual card.

Netflix identifies their customer using the credit or visa card they used during the signup process. New cards mean new customers.

So here, we will act as a new customer to get free Netflix trial membership with the help of the virtual card.

Whenever you want to create a new Netflix account, create a new fake credit card and sign up for a trial.

Below, I have listed the best and free bank services from which you can easily create a new virtual credit card.

Services that provides Virtual Credit Card In India

There are plenty of sites that provide Virtual Credit Card for Netflix, amazon prime, but I have listed some specific services that I personally used and had experienced with.

1. Axis Bank Virtual Credit Card

Axis Bank Paygo Wallet Vcc

Axis bank offers a Virtual Credit Card for there users using the Axis Paygo wallet. Yes, you must have a bank account in axis bank to use it.

The procedure to create a Paygo Wallet is so easy that you can easily create a Paygo Wallet with your debit/credit card.

Also, you can load money in your wallet by the Paygo app or by SMS.

The loaded fund will directly credit to your Virtual Credit card.

How To Get Axis Bank Virtual Credit Card For Netflix :

1. Click create Paygo Wallet Option, as shown in the image. Or you can directly go to the registration page from here.

2. Use your debit card or internet banking to create an account.

3. Provide your Debit Card ID number, Employee / Student ID, Organisation’s name in ‘Login Id.’

4. Your mobile number, which linked to the Asix Bank account, will receive an OTP. Authenticate your OTP, and you are ready to use Axis Paygo Wallet.

Key features Of Axis PayGo Wallet VCC :

  • Provide cashless Transaction On The Go
  • Easy to check balance and add money by SMS or app
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Useful to pay the exact amount
  • Get transaction alert and access to an online statement

2. Ewire Wallet VCC

Ewire VCC

Ewire is a Virtual Bank that provides prepaid cards for online transactions.

EwireWallet is powered by Cashier, which is an international financial service technology since 2017.

It is the best option if you have any online business. Ewire assists firms by connecting them to stakeholders and beneficiaries through a single platform.

Ewire wallet provides Cashier cards to there customers, which can use in any international online transaction. You can create your working virtual card in zero balance and without uploading any documents.

And one best thing is that We don’t need any personal bank account to create Virtual Card In Ewire wallet. Cool, isn’t it?

Steps To Create a Virtual Credit Card For Netflix Trial In Ewire :

1. First, go to the play store and download the Ewire Rupay application.
2. Sign up with your mobile number on the Ewire mobile app, and you are ready to go.
3. To top-up your virtual card, you need to add money to your card by using a different bank account.
4. Now pay any online bills and payment using this Ewire(cashier) virtual card.

Features of Ewire Virtual Credit Card :

  • Simple and secure transaction
  • Compliant domestic and cross-border payments in a single platform
  • Provide MasterCard Vcc which is acceptable in most of the merchant website
  • Does not require any document submission process

3. Lazypay Virtual Credit Card

LazyPay Virtual Card

Lazy pay is a website that provides ‘shop now, pay later’ service, which is powered by the PayU payment portal. Same as a credit card, we can shop at any merchant and can pay later to Lazypay.

It gives credit up to 1,00,000 Rs for online payment, which depends on your civil score. Yes, it checks our Cibil score by the number we used to signup on it.

Lazypay reduces the fraction between merchants and users through the online credit system. It is the best option for them who don’t have a credit card for international transactions.

You have to complete your KYC to use Lazypay as pay later. This pay-later(Lazypay) option is available on the online checkout page.

Step To create Lazy Pay Account :

1. Go to play store and download the Lazypay App application, or you can signup for it from here.
2. Authenticate your primary mobile number by providing OTP.
3. Complete your KYC to activate your Lazypay account.
4. Choose the Lazypay payment method on your checkout page.

Key Features Of Lazy Pay :

  • Simple and hassle-free registration
  • Provide 15 days to pay the credit amount
  • Works on Cibil score finance system
  • You can redeem Virtual Credit amount in the bank

Note: Lazypay works on your Cibil score. So, the credit limit depends on your previous Cibil score. Also, if you didn’t pay the Lazypay amount, then Lazypay create a bad Cibil report and send it to the Cibil department.

4. OxigenWallet Virtual Credit Card

Oxigen wallet vcc

The Oxigen wallet provides a Prepaid Visa card for users who don’t have their international card.

You can easily use this Oxigen wallet virtual card to any online merchant website to pay your bills and recharges.

To use Oxigen wallet VCC, you first have to load money to wallet from your bank account. After use, the Oxigen wallet sends an unused amount from Virtual Card to your bank account.

How to signup on Oxigen Wallet :

1. Go to the Oxigenwallet homepage and signup to create a new account. If you have an android, then you can directly signup from their mobile application.
2. Enter the required fill and verify your mobile number by completing OTP verification.
3. Load money to wallet. (This money will credit to your Virtual Card)
4. Go to the card, and you are ready to make the payment on online websites.

Features Of Oxigen Wallet Vcc :

  • Useful to pay bills and online payment
  • Visa card is acceptable worldwide
  • Easy to add money in the wallet
  • Daily offers to save more while paying bills

5. Payoneer Virtual Credit Card

payoneer virtual card

Payoneer is one of the best options to receive payment from outside India. If you are a freelancer and not using Payoneer, then you are missing many opportunities for payments.

Payoneer provides Mastercard VCC, which can be used on any merchant to accept payments from companies.

But, due to the massive misuse of its virtual card, Payoneer now manually approves the account and also give the virtual card to only companies.

During the signup process, Payoneer asks for PAN and bank account details to verify your identity. Also, they took 3-4 days to activate your account.

You will receive a confirmation email for your account status, as shown in the below image.

6. Pockets Card by ICICI Bank

ICICI virtual card

Pockets Wallet is powered by ICICI bank and is one of my favourite Visa Virtual Credit Card.

You don’t need an ICICI bank account to sign up in pockets wallet. Also, you can add funds by using UPI id.

The application dashboard is very user-friendly, and you get lots of other options related to your payment.

I personally use pockets wallet VCC for my PayPal account to accept and send payment to the merchant.

Steps To Signup for Pockets Wallet :

1. Go to play store and download the Pockets wallet app, or you can directly download it from here.
2. Click on the signup option. It will ask you to confirm your mobile number.
3. Provide your PAN details, and you are ready to go.
4. To access your Visa Card, click on the top part of the dashboard. It will open your Virtual Credit Card with the available balance in it.

Features Of Pockets Wallet Virtual Card :

  • Does not required ICICI bank account
  • Can pay by waving smartphone near NFC enable terminals
  • Built-in chat features for any query
  • Daily new offers from pockets wallet on online payments

7. Slonkit Prepaid Wallet VCC

slonkit virtual credit card

Slonkit is powered by DCB Bank which provides cashback up to 20,000 on online transactions through DCB Debit Card.

It is the best option to save money if you purchase online items regularly.

DCB Bank also provides a Slonkit wallet. It is another best way to get free Netflix VCC in India.

Slonkit wallet helps the youngster to manage their expenses and helps them to save more money.

How To Get Slonkit Wallet VCC :

1. Go to play store and download Slonkit Wallet.
2. Click on Join Now and fills the details.
3. You can signup using your Google or Facebook account.
4. Verify your number and complete your KYC using a PAN card.
5. Add money to the card and you are ready to use Visa Virtual Credit Card for your online payment

Features Of Slonkit Wallet VCC :

  • Help in managing the expenses
  • The children account can be controlled by their parents
  • Offers cashback up to 20,000 per annual
  • Offers free Visa Card for easy payments

Indian bank that provides Virtual Credit Card

Many Indian banks offer a virtual credit card to their customers like Paytm Payment Bank, airtel payment bank, and others. But today, we will discuss only specific bak which provide unlimited Indian Virtual Credit Card.

1. Kotak Netcard

Kotal Virtual credit card

Kotak Mahindra Bank is the only bank that gives a zero balance account. Yes, you can create a Kotak account without depositing any money into the bank.

If you have Aadhar and PAN card, then you can open your account on the go.

You can create a Kotak Netcard just after the signup process. But you must have to complete your KYC by providing documents to your nearest Kotak branch.

Below, I am sharing a step-by-step guide for creating Kotak Netcard.

Step 1: Go to and click on the ‘Login’ option, or you can directly login page by clicking here.

Step2: Now, login with your Kotak Netbanking CRN and Password.

kotak vcc

Step 3: After that, an OTP will send to the user registered mobile and email ID. Enter received OTP and click on the ‘Proceed To Login’ button. You will now successfully logged to your net banking account.

kotak netbanking login

Step4: Now, click on the ‘More’ button and choose ‘Netcard’ as shown in the screenshot.

kotak netbanking dashboard

Step 5: Again, you will receive one OTP for your Netcard. Enter OTP and click on the ‘Login’ button. Now you are on the Netcard creation page.

Step 6: Enter the name you want on the Virtual Credit Card and enter an amount. Now create your VCC by clicking the create button.

Kotak Netcard is one of the best virtual cards for Indian customers.

Netcard is internationally accepted and does not have 3D verification.

The minimum VCC limit is 100Rs and a maximum of 1,00,000.

Benefits Of Kotak Virtual Credit Card :

  • Can create 15 VCC per day
  • Unused amount refund to the bank
  • zero saving account that means you don’t have to worry about minimum balance maintenance
  • Doorstep KYC available
  • SMS alert for the amount used from VCC

Disadvantages of Kotak Netcard :

  • Minimum VCC amount is 100Rs
  • 3D verification is not possible hence no OTP confirmation
  • Cannot use in PayPal and google play store
  • Only 15 VCC per day

2. SBI Virtual Credit Card

State Bank Of India is one of the most popular and most used government banks in India having 41 core bank account till now.

SBI also provides Virtual Credit Card to their customer for which you must have an internet banking enabled.

Unlike the Kotak VCC, SBI virtual card has 3D verification, which means you will receive OTP each time you use your VCC, which makes it the most secure way to make online payments.

You can also use any premium antivirus like avg antivirus pro to keep your android more secure.

For SBI VCC, your bank account must link to the PAN card.

Benefits Of SBI Vcc :

  • More secure due to 3D verification
  • Provide Visa card which can be accepted globally
  • The minimum account balance is too low to afford
  • Government bank hence your money will secure

Disadvantage :

  • Same as Kotak Netcard, SBI Vcc has limited from 100 to 50,000Rs

3. Hdfc Netsafe Card

HDFC vcc

HDFC is one of the leading banks in the private sector, which also provide Indian Virtual Credit Card for their user.

To create Netsafe VCC, you have to register for Netsafe.

One thing I liked about HDFC Netsafe is that you can use it to buy trials application from the play store.

Benefits of HDFC Netsafe :

  • No minimum limit to create VCC, i.e., you can create VCC of Rs 1
  • Has 3D verification for secure transaction
  • Netsafe card acceptable in almost every online merchant

Get started with HDFC Netsafe VCC by clicking here.

Note: Your bank must have to support recurring payments for netflix trials.

People Also Ask(FAQs)

I know, there are many questions and queries about virtual credit card India in your mind. Below, I am solving some of the questions that my users asked me. If you think I didn’t pick up your question then you can comment down. I loved to solve your queries.

Which is the best virtual credit card for Netflix Trials?

It entirely depends on your usage. If you are doing the transaction in between India, then SBI Vcc is best. Otherwise, you can go with Kotak Netcard and HDFC Netsafe.

Is Virtual Card Legal To Use?

Yes, Virtual Credit Card is 100% legal. Bank issues VCC for its users to secure them from online frauds.

Can I use this VCC in amazon prime membership?

Yes, I using Kotak Netcard to buy prime membership from Amazon. If you want to use amazon prime video for free, then you can read our prime video cookies article where we daily share working amazon prime cookies.

Can you use a Virtual Visa card in-store?

You can only use a Virtual Credit card on an online store or online merchant to complete your payment.

How much time did it take to refund unused amounts from the Indian Virtual Credit Card?

It usually takes 24-48 hours to refund the amount in your bank account. Also, if you cancel any VCC, then the Virtual card amount refund in 5-10 minutes.

Final Words

So above, I have shared the method that I used to get a Free Virtual Credit Card India For Free Netflix Trials.

If you have any problem or confusion about VCC, then comment down. I will solve all your queries also comment down which card are you using and for which purposes? 😉