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Automate MOD Apk v1.42.5 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on April 19, 2024

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App Name Automate
Publisher LlamaLab
Genre Tools
Size 8M
Version 1.42.5
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Automate MOD Apk can be the best application to automate your daily smartphone tasks. Enjoy the ultimate experience of watching your smartphone and tablet work getting performed automatically.

Moreover, it has a community section where you can check and copy the already-built task flows for your work.


Introduce about Automate

Automate is a powerful Android application that allows beginners to set up automated workflows and tasks with simple flowchart-based configurations.

Whether repetitive phone customizations, scheduling social media posts, or crafting complex multi-step scripts, Automate allows you to program your smartphone’s behavior precisely as needed.

Flowchart workflow builder

The most potent part of the Automate application is its visual workflow builder. It allows anyone to make automation recipes simply by dragging and connecting colored blocks, and you don’t have to code a single word.

It will work like a flowchart drawing board on your smartphone. Each block represents some action. You join the unions in sequences using arrows to design complete scripts.

Automate gives over 300 pre-made blocks for every smartphone function, like changing settings, managing files, sending notifications, controlling media, etc.

You can build precisely the flows you want by mixing and matching relevant blocks together through easy drag-drops.

The visual workflows can implement all kinds of complex conditional logic.

For example, you can set a flow triggering only when you exit an important location after office hours while the phone battery is below 15%.

All this advanced logic gets configured visually through the flowchart builder without typing code.


Automate offers many kinds of triggers that allow automation to start automatically when something happens.

Triggers remove the need to launch your saved flows each time manually. Your smartphone can now automatically respond to events just as you configured it.

I love automation triggers like scheduled time/day, battery level drops below a set percentage, receiving a text message with specific phrases, entering or leaving a mapped location, and many more, depending on your use case.

So, Automate triggers allow customized control over when your automated workflows should activate based on events.

For example, you can auto-reply to only office colleagues when connected to your car Bluetooth after 6 PM. It’s just an example you can do for anything.

You can back up photos to the cloud on WiFi daily mornings if the phone remains charging all night.

Remote access to external services

Automate allows device automation flows to communicate with external services. You can build scripts to periodically back up files to cloud drives like Google Drive or Dropbox.

Interact with web APIs like Twitter, IFTTT, or even webhooks to exchange data automatically, facilitating complex integrations.

The other unique aspect Automate comes with is custom Android Accessibility actions.

You can extract text and images from other apps to make contextual decisions. Automate can simulate touch gestures like swipes and button presses in apps, exposing new workflows.

Build complex functions

Automate application offers more advanced tools to build complex logic into workflows without coding.

These tools include dynamically set variables, text manipulation functions, math calculations, array operations, and more coding-like features. But without the complexity of actual development.  

For example, a variable can store a number that increments on every run as a counter. Or use maths formulas that extract the GPS longitude positions.

These variable values or GPS data can drive further complex decisions without a single line written programmatically.

So, while the block-based flowchart builder allows simple automation, the additional variables and custom functions enable fairly advanced routines.

This means no longer needing to code everything manually in Java/Python if basic premade blocks are insufficient for your automation process.

Mod APK Version of Automate

Automate MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Automate application. With this version, you can enjoy all the premium services of the app for free, meaning there are no running block limits.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Automate Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Automate is a fantastic tool that will save you time performing regular actions on your device. The execution of the tasks is fast and accurate according to your flowcharts.

Some features will ask for the device administrator permissions, and you have to accept them for advanced features. However, you can freely deny the permission if you don’t want to automate tasks, including login attempts and screen lock.

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