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Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) Apk v2.13.4 (Patched)

Updated on February 26, 2024

App Info

App Name Conversations (Jabber / XMPP)
Publisher Daniel Gultsch
Genre Communication
Size 16M
Version 2.13.4
MOD Info Patched
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Looking for a reliable and user-friendly XMPP instant messaging client for your smartphone? Discover the advantages of Conversations (Jabber / XMPP) Apk. This application not only provides an intuitive messaging experience but also ensures your privacy with e2e encryption, freeing you from the concerns of being tracked by mainstream chat services.


Introduce about Conversations

Conversations is an open-source chat app for Android users, primarily focused on secure communications and privacy. This sets it apart from other chatting apps.

One aspect of this application that I particularly appreciate is its emphasis on private and secure chatting with friends. It automatically encrypts your messages, ensuring that no one except the person you’re chatting with can read them.

Moreover, not even the company servers responsible for delivering the messages can access them. This guarantees that you can chat one-on-one, confident that your conversations remain completely private, shared only between you and your friend.

Secured and reliable messaging

The Conversations app is founded on the principles of open and connected messaging, utilizing the XMPP protocol to enable direct messages between users across various service providers.

Unlike most chat apps that restrict messaging to users within the same platform – a method often used for tracking and inundating users with promotions – Conversations does not confine your messages to a single company’s servers.

Instead, it views all service providers as part of a global network. When you send a message through the Conversations app, it is securely transmitted across providers directly to your friend’s app, bypassing any centralized control by a single company.

Conversations revolutionize messaging by linking users across different providers, offering more choices and flexibility. A major advantage is the reduced risk of server downtime, as the messaging service is powered by a collective of providers.

Experience the ultimate freedom in communication without the constraints of platform limitations or unnecessary controls. Enjoy unrestricted, secure chatting with Conversations.

No metadata tracking

This app also prioritizes your informational privacy and refrains from collecting extensive metadata such as social graphs and contact lists. It only gathers the minimal details necessary for app usage.

You’ll never be prompted to grant access to your gallery, contact information, or any other sensitive data.

Furthermore, you’ll be assigned a random username that conceals your identity. Your chats are designed to be unlinkable to your real-life details, ensuring your conversations remain private and secure.

Open source code

The Conversations app makes all its code openly available to users under an open-source license. This transparency is highly beneficial for developers, as it allows them to freely view, use, or modify the app’s software to understand its inner workings.

For those with a deep understanding of coding, this open access enables a thorough examination of how the app handles data and ensures that no unwanted elements are included. Such a level of transparency assures complete safety.

Moreover, this open-source approach empowers many users to create custom versions of the app tailored to their specific needs.

Sync with multi-devices

Thanks to the multi-device synchronization feature of this application, your messages remain in sync across different devices. This feature not only synchronizes messages but also ensures that read statuses, archived chats, and other settings are automatically transferred.

Whether you’re switching smartphones or wish to seamlessly continue your chats on a PC after using your phone, Conversations keeps all your devices perfectly aligned.

Importantly, end-to-end encryption safeguards this synchronization process, ensuring that your chat data remains private across all your devices.

With this feature, your messages automatically transfer from one device to another, eliminating the need for manual backups, transfers, or restores.

Mod APK Version of Conversations

The Conversations Apk is a premium (patched) version of the official Conversations (Jabber/XMPP) application, compatible with all available XMPP servers. Its primary focus is on ensuring a secure and safe environment for users during their chats.

Mod features

Patched – With this, you gain access to the full version of the Conversations app.

Download Conversations Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Conversations is a premium communication application for Android users, priced at around $4.49. It offers encrypted audio and video calls, ensuring secure communications. Additionally, this app allows you to send and receive images from users worldwide.

Despite its extensive functionality, the app is designed to be battery-efficient. The developers have done an excellent job of maintaining this efficiency while continually adding new features to enhance user satisfaction.

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