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Google Voice Apk v2024.04.08.622982130 for Android

Updated on April 19, 2024

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App Name Google Voice
Publisher Google LLC expand_more
Genre Communication
Size 38M
Version 2024.04.08.622982130
MOD Info Not Available
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Requires android Android 8.0 expand_more
android Android 8.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you looking for an application that provides you with a virtual phone number for unified calling, texting, and voicemail management? If yes, then you would love the Google Voice Apk.

Now, enjoy using this application to enhance and simplify your phone experience.


Introduce about Google Voice 

Google Voice is a popular call management application for Android users. You can get a customizable phone number within this application and use it for any purpose.

This outstanding app provides the easiest way to manage your voicemail messages. You can easily view, playback, and delete voicemails within the Voice app and Gmail. Feel free to start and save important messages in your device’s local storage.

My voicemails are synced to the cloud so that I can access them from any device. So, listening to them on my PC and phone becomes easy as needed.

Virtual phone number

The main feature of Google Voice is providing you with a free virtual phone number. It will be your single Google Voice ID for all calling and messaging.

You can choose to get a new number with a desired area code. Please port your mobile or landline number to Google Voice for continuity.

Please take full advantage of this virtual number for calling, texting, and voicemail; it works consistently across devices. Now, it’s time for simplified communication.

WiFi calling

Google Voice allows making and receiving calls over WiFi internet connectivity when the cellular network is weak and unavailable.

I love this feature as it helps me not to miss any important calls when my network drops out. You can call using this app if you are connected to the internet.

Whether on a flight, in basements, in remote areas, or anywhere, you can enjoy calling using this application. It works on both mobile data and regular WiFi networks.

Voicemail transcription

This application automatically transcribes all your voice messages into text for reading, which differs from usual voicemail systems.

You can quickly take off through voicemail content as text instead of listening to every message. The transcription lets you zero in on important voicemails.

Keywords are highlighted in the transcription, eventually letting you get context and urgency in no time. And yes, the integration with Gmail makes accessing voicemails easier than ever.

Text messaging

With the Google Voice application, you can send and receive free texts to US and Canadian numbers using your Voice number.

Many useful texting features are available in this app, including do not disturb, auto-reply, blocking numbers, and deleting full-text conversations for a clean inbox. Enjoy these ultimate texting capabilities that make your virtual Voice number function as a full-fledged smartphone for calling and messaging needs.

Call forwarding and screening

You can also enable flexible call forwarding and screening. Every call to your voice can be forwarded to any linked numbers like mobile and whichever you prefer.

Or you can screen incoming calls and only answer ones you want. Screened calls are prompted to record their name, and callers hear “Please say your name” before the call connects. It is so customizable, and that’s the reason for its massive popularity.

Remember that schedule and device-based routing minimizes missed calls.

Download Google Voice Apk for Android 2024

Google Voice is a must-have application that connects you with a powerful communication hub, conveniently bringing together calling, texting, voicemail, and routing features. It will well organize your smartphone usage.

Now, there is no need for multiple numbers across personal and work life, Google Voice makes everything run via a single number.

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