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Google Classroom v9. Apk for Android

Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Google Classroom
Publisher Google LLC expand_more
Genre Productivity
Size 47M
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Requires android Android 12.0 expand_more
android Android 12.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you a teacher and looking for a virtual classroom for your students? If yes, then you would love the Google Classroom Apk.


Introduce about Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a useful study application for making the classroom experience more fun and productive right on your smartphone.

You can easily navigate through Google Classroom because of the intuitive interface. This app is user-friendly and easy to use which means that your students will be able to learn how to manage their assignments without any difficulties.

Enjoy using it with your students to provide them with assignments, feedback, and grades in a few clicks. There are no restrictions on the allotment of homework assignments, quizzes, classroom polls, or informal class polls into an engaging experience for your students.

As a teacher, you can also use Google Classroom to give your students a safe and easy way to ask you questions without having to interrupt you during class time.

This application provides you with a complete solution for transforming the classroom experience from traditional text lessons and classroom activities into engaging online experiences where students are able to interact with teachers, other students, and learning materials in new ways.


Classroom and homework assignments can be accessed anywhere, anytime with no limit on the scope of your classroom or homework activities. Apart from this, students can interact with other students in an engaging way right in their Google Classroom account through rich media and images.

Let the content flow naturally by posting your lessons online and allowing the students to engage with you through collaborative activities and more creative forms of learning such as Create Your Own Quiz (CYOQ).


Students can be easily tracked and evaluated. Classroom grades can be automatically updated in Google Classroom and the final grade can be posted for students to see.

You can also track students’ progress with teacher feedback, performance assessments, formative assessments and more in the grade book. Formative assessments are a great way to give feedback on a student’s response to the material of your teaching assignments while providing an opportunity for more active participation in class discussions.

Real-time collaboration

If you are a student then feel free to collaborate on Google Classroom in real-time and see each other’s invitations, comments, and changes. When using this application as a professional, students can make comments or post questions in real-time to get immediate responses from you or from their classmates.

You can even give instant feedback to students by giving them your opinion on the work they do online without having to wait until the end of class. By using this app you give your students a different experience in the classroom while still meeting the desired learning outcomes that you set out for the lesson.

Fast file uploads

Students can quickly upload files and even perform offline edits. It is an important feature because it gives you flexibility when arranging your material and can save you time when correcting student work. The students can even make changes to the material right in the Google Classroom account and give you online updates on their progress.

Thankfully, the fast file uploading feature gives students more confidence in their work. Even you will be surprised to know that this application can be directly integrated with Canva.

Easy sharing options

All information related to your classroom activities is posted automatically on Google Classroom without additional manual work from you so that your students get instant access to the information provided in your class.

It provides teachers the best way to send a message or an email to all students, groups of students or individual students. When posting your classroom activities online you can decide whether or not the students are allowed to comment on it with other classmates. There will be total flexibility.


Students can choose from a variety of tools and resources that help them achieve their goals in class and post comments/feedback about their work in Google Classroom. It helps you tailor assignments to provide more accurate feedback that helps your student improve as well as monitor their progress which gives you the time and freedom for other activities.

Less stress

Google Classroom Apk allows you to set up the first lesson of your class and then have the rest of the online materials automatically posted online in the app. thus, each lesson can be properly prepared and saved in advance so that your students can access and review it anytime they want. It eventually reduces your workload and allows you to take a creative approach to teach.

Google Classroom also gives you a separate space for grading which relieves any stress caused by paper grading assignments that can take a lot of time.

Download Google Classroom Apk for Android 2024

Undoubtedly, Google Classroom is an invaluable tool and innovation for every teacher. It makes it easier to send and receive assignments, manage grades and keep track of your student’s progress, and more. This application will help you improve your teaching methods by giving you independence from your daily routine and more time for other teaching activities.

Some features, such as creating automatically graded Assignments in Google Classroom, still need to be developed further. But the developers are highly professional and keep improving the application day by day.

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