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Grasshopper Apk + MOD v3.03.01 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on January 5, 2024

App Info

App Name Grasshopper: Learn to Code
Publisher Google LLC expand_more
Genre Education
Size 56M
Version 3.03.01
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required

Anyone looking for a way to start learning how to code can find a great resource in the Grasshopper MOD Apk.

This app offers users the ability to learn to code for free, and it can be accessed on any device. Feel free to do more practice in code editor that includes features that make it easy to write and edit code, such as syntax highlighting and auto-indentation.


Introduce about Grasshopper

Grasshopper is one of the premium code learning apps and was created by two former Google employees, Chris Olson and Jordan Merrick. The app allows users to learn various coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

The lessons are designed for people with no prior coding experience, and they cover a range of topics, from basic programming concepts to more advanced ones. What’s more, you can track your progress as you work through the lessons, and there are quizzes to help you test your understanding.

The app has made learning to code progressively more challenging levels. With each level, you are able to learn a new skill in coding. After you have conquered one level, you are able to move on to the next more difficult level.

Learn to code full of fun

Want a fun and easy way to learn how to code? Look no further than the Grasshopper app. With its fun puzzles and real-world examples, you’ll be coding in no time.

The Grasshopper app is perfect for both beginners and experienced coders. You can write real JavaScript while solving puzzles, and the app includes a variety of tutorials and challenges.

The puzzles featured in Grasshopper are an excellent way to improve your thinking process and learn new methods for solving problems. Thanks to the visual nature of the puzzles make them easy to understand and fun to solve. The puzzles are designed to help you learn how to write code that is efficient, reliable, and easy to read and understand.

You can also try Mimo, SoloLearn, and DroidEdit PRO to learn code.

Variety of courses

The most important part of this application is that it offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of all students. Whether you are a beginner who has never written a line of code or an experienced developer looking to improve your skills, Grasshopper has a course for you.

The app’s curriculum is designed by experts in the field and covers topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. You can choose to learn at your own pace or complete one of the courses in just 10 hours.

Quick feedbacks

This application makes coding more approachable for beginners. It provides real-time feedback and solutions, which means you can see the result of your code as you type it. This helps to avoid errors and makes the learning process more interactive. Additionally, Grasshopper allows you to create complex designs by linking together simple commands.

The code editor comes with a built-in debugger that makes it easy to find and fix errors, so you can focus on learning.


If you are learning a lesson on your computer and want to be able to pick up where you left off on your phone or tablet, the synchronization feature of Grasshopper is for you. Any changes you make on one device will automatically update on all of your other devices that are connected to the same account. This makes it easy to keep your work in sync and avoid any lost progress.

Mod APK Version of Grasshopper

Grasshopper MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Grasshopper application with the help of which you can learn various concepts that can be applied to any popular language.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Grasshopper MOD Apk for Android 2024

Grasshopper MOD Apk is the best way to improve your coding skills in no time. This app is unique from other code learning apps because it provides users with interactive exercises that are tailored to their skill level.

With Grasshopper, there is no need to attend expensive coding boot camps or sign up for long-term classes; you can get started learning today for free. All the exercise of this application helps you to learn different aspects of coding that eventually clear your fundamentals.

The new achievement system is designed to help keep you motivated as you learn. You can earn badges for completing tutorials, solving challenges, and more. And if you manage to collect all of the badges in a category, you’ll be rewarded with a special title.

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