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Ocean Survival MOD Apk v2.0.4 (Unlimited Coins)

Updated on January 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Ocean Survival
Publisher Candy Mobile expand_more
Genre Action
Size 21M
Version 2.0.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you searching for an exciting survival game where you can choose your own adventure book and provide multiple choices on how to proceed? If yes, then Ocean Survival MOD Apk will be the right fit for you.


Introduce about Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival is the most addictive survival game that comes with randomly generated islands with different environments, so players will never know what they’ll find when they explore. There will also be a variety of creatures in the ocean waiting to feast on unfortunate survivors, so players will need to be careful when exploring underwater.

Just like Hopeless Land, players have to use their skills and whatever resources they can find on the island to build a raft and escape before the weather turns bad or they starve to death. It is set in the open ocean, where players must survive by finding food and fresh water and avoiding sharks and other dangers. The game looks beautiful, with realistic waves and sunsets, and it promises to be a lot of fun to play.

Thanks to the HP gauge system that measures your vitality, and if it runs out, you’re dead. This makes for an intense and thrilling experience as you battle the elements to stay alive.

One of the best features of this game is that users can upgrade their boat to make it faster, stronger, and more durable. They can also purchase new items for their boat, such as a fishing net or a sail.

Keep yourself safe and healthy

In the game of ocean survival, you are tasked with keeping yourself alive and healthy. This can be a difficult task, as there are many dangers lurking in the water. Here are a few tips to help you stay on top of your game.

The first thing you’ll want to do is find a safe place to swim. Avoid areas with strong currents, as they can sweep you away. Look for areas with calm water and plenty of sea life, as these are typically the safest places to be.

Once you have found a safe spot, it’s time to start focusing on your health. Make sure to drink plenty of water and eat healthy foods. This will help keep you energized and healthy in the harsh environment of the ocean. Finally, don’t forget about safety. Make sure to avoid dangerous animals and stay away from coral reefs.

Build your awesome floating shelter

The game starts with you stuck in the ocean with only a small piece of driftwood to help you. You must use this wood to find other pieces of wood, which you can then use to build your shelter. As you collect more wood, you can add walls, a roof, and even a door to your shelter.

Feel free to add furniture and decorations to make your shelter more comfortable. The better your shelter, the more comfortable you will be, and the longer you will be able to survive in the ocean. You will need to continuously gather resources from the sea to keep your shelter afloat and be prepared for anything that comes your way.

Amazing crafting system

The ocean is a vast and mysterious place, full of creatures that can both help and harm you. To make it through this risky environment, you will need to craft gear and items from the resources you find.

However, the crafting system in Ocean Survival is more than just clicking on a few icons and watching something materialize. It is an in-depth system that lets you customize your gear to fit your playstyle. You can add mods to increase your chances of survival, or configure your tools for faster gathering.

Mod APK Version of Ocean Survival

Ocean Survival MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Ocean Survival game where you can get unlimited money, unlimited resources, and many other modded features. You can use these features to easily complete your gameplay.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money/Coins

Download Ocean Survival MOD Apk for Android 2024

Ocean Survival MOD Apk features various nasty creatures that will try to kill you, so you must use your wits and weapons to fight back. There are also obstacles in the water that can harm you, so you must be careful when navigating your way through the ocean.

One of the most interesting features of Ocean Survival is that it takes place in an open-world environment where players are free to explore. There are many different islands to discover, each with its own secrets and challenges. As players progress through the game, they will unlock new abilities and items that will help them survive.

You can choose to swim in any direction you want or try to build a raft and set sail for safety. No matter what you decide, make sure you keep an eye on your health bar. If it runs out, you lose the game.

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