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Pano Scrobbler MOD Apk v3.18 (Premium) for Android

Updated on February 25, 2024

App Info

App Name Pano Scrobbler for LastFM
Publisher kawaiiDango
Genre Music & Audio
Size 7M
Version 3.18
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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The Pano Scrobbler MOD Apk is an exciting music-scrobbling application that enhances your music experience. It supports multiple platforms, enabling you to access details about tracks, albums, artists, album artists, and tags.

Additionally, it allows you to see what your friends are listening to, including their stats, enhancing the social aspect of your music experience.


Introduce about Pano Scrobbler 

Pano Scrobbler is an exclusive music-tracking Android application that allows users to automatically record and scrobble music they listen to from various sources.

The scrobbled data, including key metadata like artist names, track names, album information, and listening durations can then be integrated with popular music profiling services like LastFM.

The main objective of this application is to provide seamless music registration so users can build comprehensive listening profiles. It eventually helps you to get better music recommendations across services.

There are a lot of additional options available in this application like selecting specific audio sources to scrobble from, configuring how often data should be synced, managing LastFM profiles, as well as more advanced audio processing preferences. However, I recommend you stick with the default settings as it is designed by the experts for simplicity and work well for most use cases.

Auto music recognition

The automatic music recognition ability is one of the most useful features that makes Pano Scrobbler popular all around the world. It takes advantage of an audio fingerprinting algorithm to recognize any song playing from any app or service on your smartphone.

Many times the music you are listening to may not have the song details like the artist name, album name, etc embedded in it. However, when you play a song saved on your phone, watch a video on YouTube, or even listen to some podcasts. In such cases, Pano Scrobbler cannot rely on metadata.

Instead, the audio fingerprinting technology acts like a fingerprint scanner. It scans the unique sound patterns in any audio and song and matches it to the app’s huge database of over 50 million tracks. This database has detailed information on artists, albums, and songs which the app can then automatically tag.

It can recognize tracks from so many sources including streaming apps, local music libraries, podcasts, and many others. The app runs silently in the background identifying every new track efficiently without draining your battery and mobile data. Slowly, it builds a complete listening profile automatically.

Integration with LastFM

One of the awesome benefits of using Pano Scrobbler is how it works seamlessly with the popular music app LastFM. There are lots of music lovers who use this app to keep track of all the songs, artists, albums, and genres they listen to.

It uses this data to provide you with personalized music recommendations and fun listening stats. Pano Scrobbler makes the process of logging your music listening and sending it to LastFM completely automatic.

When you first set up the app, you just have to enter the username and password of your LastFM account. This links the two apps securely using OAuth authentication.

Now whenever Pano Scrobbler recognizes a track using its audio fingerprinting technology, it immediately enters important information like song name, timestamp, album name, and many more.

This full listening activity log with dozens of song plays is known as scrobbled data. The app regularly bundles and auto-syncs this data with the LastFM servers as per your settings, without you having to do anything manually.

So your LastFM profile seamlessly updates with all song plays even as you switch between different music and video apps on your Android device.

Intuitive interface

Pano Scrobbler is designed to be very simple and easy to use for all music listeners. The home screen shows recently recognized songs and a big button to manually tag music.

The process of signing up and data processing is so fast and keeps working in the background. You can also customize many settings according to your preferences.

Mod APK Version of Pano Scrobbler

The Pano Scrobbler MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Pano Scrobbler for LastFM app, optimized by third-party developers.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Premium features

  • Ad-free interface
  • Bulk editing
  • Offline play

Download Pano Scrobbler Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Pano Scrobbler is a perfect music tracker with slick animations. It needs to analyze the actual sound signals to automatically recognize and register the music you play. It uses a complex series of audio processing steps like digitizing into standard formats, identifying songs, extracting details, and ensuring all songs play at an optimal balanced volume.

Thanks to the customized process it gives you more control over accuracy and battery drainage. The application comes with a great update where you can show your profile picture as a collage and make your profile better.

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