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Word Resume Creator Pro Apk v45.0 (Paid for Free)

Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Word Resume Creator Pro
Publisher Hoang Phu Van
Genre Tools
Size 31M
Version 45.0
MOD Info Paid for Free
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Are you looking for an application that will help you make a professional resume so that you can provide a great impact where you will use it? If yes, then you would love the Word Resume Creator Pro Apk.


Introduce about Word Resume Creator Pro

Word Resume Creator Pro is a premium resume Creator application for Android users. There are many features available in this app that will make you a master of the resume creation process.

I highly like its beginner-friendly interface that will help you do your work quickly. All the important features and buttons are perfectly organized so that you can access them with one click.

You will be surprised to know that it comes with cloud storage backup/restore functionality. This means that even if something bad happens to your smartphone, you don’t have to worry about this. Because all important information will still be recoverable thanks to being saved on secure cloud storage servers.

Have more than 10 beautiful resume templates

One of the great things about Word Resume Creator Pro Application is that it offers more than 10 beautifully designed resume templates. The idea behind these templates is to help you show your skills and experience in a way that will make an employer happy.

Each template has its own special style, so if you are looking for something classic or new, you can pick this as your matching style. Whether you like one-column or two-column designs, there’s one to match everything you need.

The design templates are also fully customizable, which means that they fit well even with those who require tweaking their perfectness by changing stuff within such designs. You can change such design templates according to your needs: font types used, sizes, anything.

Besides, all these designs have been created by people with immense experience in this area who know what recruiters look out for when going through resumes. So not only do they look good and crisp, but they have loads of figures of optimization in order to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Using one of these pre-designed templates allows you to save time, maintain professionalism in presentation, and it could become the difference between getting an interview call or facing rejection letters.

Create unlimited profiles & resumes

The Word Resume Creator Pro Application enables you to create unlimited profiles and resumes, ensuring your job application materials fit each position or industry that needs to be targeted. It is also very helpful if you are applying for a lot of jobs in many fields or with different skills since it works hand-in-hand with editing features.

Feel free to experiment away with other styles and formats until you find your perfect match that sat well in the relevant parameters of each opening in particular fields. The result would always make all sorts of applications easy and convenient as no prior work or designs need to get wrecked due to heavy changes.

Access to several pretty resumes means there is no reason to start fresh every time you want to apply for a new field or position, as minor tweaks and updates can easily be done.

Clone profile easily

Cloning a profile is an easy task in this app. All you have to do is go to your existing profile, click on the “Clone” button, and give it a new name. You can then make any necessary changes and edits based on the specific job requirements.

This feature saves time and ensures consistency in all your resumes, as they will be based on the same foundation. It also gives you flexibility in adapting something to suit a particular purpose, resulting in each resume being prepared according to the requirements of each employer.

This option can make a huge difference when applying for jobs, as it allows you to focus more on content rather than formatting or layout issues.

Export your resume & cover letter in Microsoft Word file format

The Word Resume Creator Pro app contains an easy function allowing you to export your resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word format. This makes it convenient for people who would like to make further editing or updating of their resumes using the popular word processing software.

To export a profile and resume, just click on the profile and resume you want to download. When you are prompted to save the exported files into PDF layouts or Microsoft Word files, pick the option wherein you decide to keep it.

Carrying out this process will allow you to fit any work with sections according to job requirements. Feel free to eliminate or include different sections depending on which skills and qualities you want to highlight through text removal and formatting style changes, such as adding shadows, revising the fonts, size, and color space, and adding a drop shadow.

Also, if you want to include other information that was not included in your original resume, you can simply do so because, at present, all work gets stored in Microsoft Word format.

Mod APK Version of Word Resume Creator Pro

Word Resume Creator Pro Apk is a paid (patched) version of the official Word Resume Creator Pro application with the help of which you can create eye-capturing resumes in various templates in no time.

Mod features

  • Free Download

Download Word Resume Creator Pro Apk & MOD for Android 2024

The Word Resume Creator Pro app is a must-have app for anyone who wants to make professional-looking resumes easily and quickly. With its user-friendly design and power features, this application makes it easy to create a personalized resume in just minutes.

I have used this awesome application for a long time and can vouch for it without any doubts, as my experience with it has met all my expectations. I made many different profiles and formulated all resumes using the various templates available through the app. Moreover, I also appreciated the ability to export my resume as a Microsoft Word file which made it easy for me to share with potential employers.

Anyone looking to enhance their job search efforts will find the Word Resume Creator Pro application a worthy investment. You can also start earning through this app by giving services of resume creation. Everything depends on your creativity.

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