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Infinite Flight Simulator MOD Apk v24.2.2 (Plane Unlocked)

Updated on March 19, 2024

App Info

App Name Infinite Flight Simulator
Publisher Infinite Flight LLC
Genre Simulation
Size 640M
Version 24.2.2
MOD Info Unlocked Plane
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Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required

Attention! This game is specifically designed for devices with an ARM64 CPU (AArch64, arm64-v8a) architecture. Please note that you cannot install the modification on a device with a 32-bit processor.


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Are you curious to know what a pilot experiences during the flight? If yes, then you would love the Infinite Flight Simulator MOD Apk.


Introduce about Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator is the ultimate gaming platform for aviation enthusiasts. The game offers lots of amazing features, such as a realistic navigation system, advanced replay, customizable time, 3D Airports, and many others.

One of the most critical aspects of flying in this game is knowing how to start and shut down your engine. It can be challenging, but with some practice, you will become an expert in no time.

Starting up your engine can differ depending on the type of aircraft you are flying. Generally, it involves turning on the battery and avionics, followed by turning on the fuel pump and then engaging the starter button. Once your engine starts running, it’s essential to monitor its performance using gauges displayed on your dashboard. You should also listen out for any unusual noises or vibrations that may indicate a problem with your engine.

Shutting down your engine involves gradually reducing power while monitoring temperature and pressure indicators until they reach safe levels.

Realistic navigation system

The game has taken virtual flying to the next level by incorporating real-world navigation data, including airspaces, NAVAIDs, SIDs, STARs, and approaches. As a result, players can enjoy an incredibly realistic experience that mirrors how pilots navigate through different stages of their flights.

With this feature on Infinite Flight Simulator, you can now explore the skies with a new sense of realism. You will encounter and navigate through airspace boundaries and restricted areas just like real-world pilots do. Moreover, you will be able to use real-world navigational support such as VORs (VHF omnidirectional range), DMEs (distance measuring equipment), and ILS (instrument landing system) approach while on approaching your destination airport.

Advance replay system

Infinite Flight Simulator always tries to keep the players engaged in the gameplay. This is why the developers of the scheme keep providing unique features that you can’t find in other games of the same genre. One of the finest features of this game is the advanced replay system.

Enjoy this ultimate opportunity to view the flights in greater detail and enhance your overall gaming experience.

The replay system uses dynamic camera angles and playback speeds that allow you to witness every moment of your flight. From takeoff to landing, you can observe the aircraft’s movements from any angle you choose. Apart from this, pilots can examine flight data such as altitude, speed and heading while in-flight or after landing.

Customise time and weather

The customizable time of day and weather conditions can be done in real-time and in custom mode too. It allows players to personalize their gaming experience like never before. Enjoy the ultimate experience of controlling your virtual world that eventually puts more realism to the gameplay.

With this feature, you can choose to fly during different times of day, such as sunrise or sunset, adding a whole new dimension to how you experience the game’s landscapes. Moreover, this feature also allows players to change the weather conditions they are flying in – from sunny skies to thunderstorms. Whether it’s for fun or training purposes, having customized weather conditions can help gamers improve their skills while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Autopilot mode

Autopilot mode allows players to sit back and relax while their virtual aircraft flies itself. It is an excellent addition for those who enjoy long-haul flights or want to take a break from constantly monitoring their flight’s performance.

One of the main benefits of Autopilot mode is its ability to reduce user fatigue. Players no longer need to worry about controlling every aspect of their aircraft during lengthy flights, which can be mentally exhausting. This means they can concentrate on other aspects of gameplay, like navigation or communication with air traffic control.

But remember that when you put your aircraft into autopilot mode then, don’t think that every aircraft will adopt an auto land facility as it is available only on specific ones.

If you are a flight simulator lover, then City Pilot Flight: Plane, RFS – Real Flight Simulator, and SimplePlanes are some games that you should try.

Mod APK Version of Infinite Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight Simulator MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Infinite Flight Simulator game in which you will enjoy flying in multiple regions that features accurate topography and high definition imagery.

Mod features

  • Everything Unlocked

Download Infinite Flight Simulator Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Infinite Flight Simulator Game is a thrilling simulator game for Android users. It provides an exceptional virtual experience that allows you to explore the world of aviation from a different perspective.

After playing this game for some time, I am feeling like a real pilot, and you know what? I am getting curious about boarding a real flight.

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