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Updated on February 28, 2024

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App Name Samsung Health
Publisher Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. expand_more
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 122M
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Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
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The Samsung Health Application is an application that is pre-installed on most of the company’s devices, and it has several features and benefits. If your device doesn’t have this application, install it by downloading Samsung Health Apk from this post.


Introduce abuot Samsung Health

Samsung created its own health and fitness tracking app called Samsung Health, which has become a great competitor for both Apple’s health application as well as Google Fit. It provides users with extensive information about their health, including diet, exercise routine, disease screening, sleep patterns, and more.

The application has several features, which include tracking fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and more. Enjoy the ad-free interface and always be on top of your health. A basic overview of what’s going on with your fitness, training, and health data, including summary screens for milestones and current level, a set of tabs for fitness tracking (steps, calories burned), fitness recording (exercise guides), sleep monitoring (bedtime routine record) and profile settings for gender, height, weight, age and more. The home tab also gives access to notifications from Samsung Flow.

Tracking and setting goals

The Samsung Health app tracks your fitness activities, weight, and health metrics. You can also set goals to create a personalized health plan. You will be able to track your progress over time; as you progress toward your goal, the Samsung Health app will help you set new ones.

Initiating the process is easy. Tap the Home tab and choose Steps from the menu. A step is a mini-goal that helps you monitor your overall fitness or health progression. Choose your step duration, which can be based on time, distance, or elevation. Now you will have a daily target number to hit in order to complete the goal.

Adding data

If you are new to Samsung Health, you may want to add data manually when starting out. That way, you can focus on tracking specific metrics that are important to you. Scroll the Home tab and tap Add Data in the top-right corner of the smartphone screen. You will see a broad range of categories; choose from Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, and more.

Once you decide what data metric to track, add it by tapping it and choosing whether or not it is a one-time measurement or recurring (e.g., proteins consumed per day or number of steps per week). You can find more data types by tapping Advanced, which includes blood pressure, menstrual cycle, and home environment. Some of these data types require a supported Samsung Gear device or a compatible third-party device to track.

Exercise tracking and summary

Exercise is an important part of staying healthy. For many people, logging exercise is an integral part of their wellness plan because it helps them set fitness goals and stay motivated to achieve them. The fitness tracking feature in the Samsung Health app will help you understand how your body reacts during exercise so that you can tailor your workouts for the best
results possible.

The Samsung Health app has a workout tracker that will track your workouts, and count the repetitions you do during each workout, as well as how long you exercise. It provides you with a summary of your workout after the fact so that you can make adjustments and correct any problems. Feel free to set goals while you are exercising, and Samsung Health Apk allows users to view their day’s targets; if those targets are not met, users can make adjustments.

Daily Routine Record (DCR)

You can use the Samsung Health app to record your daily activity level on a scale of one to four. The daily routine record will let you know how much time you spend at the gym each week, as well as how many steps you take every day. The app will also let you know how many calories you burn a day based on your weight and exercise routine.

To use the nutrition-tracking feature, you must determine what data types are relevant to their diet and add them manually. For example, if a user is concerned about protein intake, then they can add that data type to use the Nutrition tab for tracking protein consumption throughout the day/week/month.

With Samsung Health, users can now scan barcodes to automatically add food and water consumption. This feature requires a device with an integrated camera, such as a smartphone. You can also enter the information manually, but it will definitely take time.

Body measurements

The user can set goals to measure their progress and set a schedule for taking their body measurements. The body measurements include weight, body fat percentage, BMI, waist circumference, and hip circumference. This feature is only available for supported devices.

Fitness coaching

You will be surprised to know that it can choose to get a fitness coach as an optional feature by tapping the plus sign on the home screen. The coach will provide guidance and tools to help the user reach their goals.

Download Samsung Health Apk for Android 2024

Samsung Health is one of the first third-party fitness apps to be officially announced for Android Wear. It supports all Android Wear devices, including the Samsung Gear Sport. You can track steps taken, sleep duration, and more from their smartwatch.

The app also allows users to track swimming pools, bikes, and other physical activities as well as measurements such as height and weight. Apart from tracking workouts, you will easily be able to view their progress throughout the week.

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