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YAZIO MOD Apk v10.7.1 (Premium Unlocked) for Android

Updated on March 30, 2024

App Info

App Name YAZIO Food & Calorie Counter
Publisher YAZIO
Genre Health & Fitness
Size 41M
Version 10.7.1
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 10.0 expand_more
android Android 10.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Yazio MOD Apk could be a perfect application if you’re looking for a premium meal planner and calorie counter. It provides weight loss methods for both men and women.

Moreover, it comes with an automatic activity tracker that keeps track of your moments and plans your diet accordingly.


Introduce about Yazio

Yazio is an easy-to-use calorie tracking and diet app for Android users that helps you eat healthy and lose weight.

With its US-based food database and meal planning tools, the app simplifies counting calories and building healthy eating habits.

A weight tracker in this app gives perspective on the true impact of diet and activity changes. Thanks to intelligent analytics that realistically predict how long it will take to reach your target weight milestones with proper recommendations.

Workout sessions are as important as burning calories for weight loss. Yazio gives you a dedicated section to enter details about your exercise.

Note down your full-day meals in the Food Diary

The food diary is the main screen you see when you open the Yazio app. This diary lets you enter everything you eat and drink throughout the day.

Think of it as a digital notepad for recording meals rather than writing in a physical food journal.

It is known for capturing nutritional details. For each food you add to the diary, Yazio automatically shows how many calories, proteins, carbs, fats, and vitamins it contains.

So, with just a few taps, you get the complete nutritional data for every bite. The app perfectly separates and organizes all your food entries into breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner categories within the diary.

It eventually lets you quickly see what food types you ate and when.

Calorie counter

The most essential thing Yazio helps with is counting how many calories you have eaten throughout the day. As you enter each food and drink item using the app, it calculates and adds up the calorie counts.

When you first set up your profile in Yazio, it gives you a recommended daily calorie target for your goals.

You can see how many calories are consumed and how much remains from your preset limit. It is essential to make intelligent food choices.

Explore various dieting plans

Yazio helps you follow various intermittent fasting diets. It offers over 20 preset intermittent fasts, much more than any other calorie app.

You can even create a customized intermittent fasting schedule on Yazio. Feel free to set precisely which hours or days of the week you will fast versus eat meals.

Once you select a plan, Yazio guides you on what you can eat and drink during fasting. It eventually lets you complete fast safely without compromising your health.

Recipe maintaining

Yazio lets you add your recipes and homemade dishes along with packaged items.

Feel free to select ingredients from the vast food database with 95% of all US foods and input the quantities used. Yazio automatically calculates nutrition facts per serving.

Over time, all your favorite recipes get digitized into your digital cookbook.

Hydration tracking

Drinking enough water is necessary for metabolism and energy, but consistency is challenging.

Yazio’s friendly water tracker helps you reach your customizable daily hydration goals. Its features like reminder alerts, bottle presets, and single tap data feeding makes maintaining adequate water intake habitual.

You will have a clear visibility of water intake, and it becomes easy to maintain good health.

Mod APK Version of Yazio

The Yazio MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Yazio Food & Calorie Counter application. This version grants you access to all paid features and an ad-free experience. The developers update the app with new recipes weekly, which you can check with just one click.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Yazio Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Yazio is one of the best calorie counter apps on the Google Play Store. It helps you to make perfect meal plans of delicious recipes in no time.

This application is not only about meal planning and calorie counting but is also suitable for muscle building and weight gain at the same time. It has a database of every type of food and depends on an individual need.

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