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Extreme Landings PRO Apk v3.8.0 (All Content Unlocked)

Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Extreme Landings PRO
Publisher RORTOS expand_more
Genre Simulation
Size 494M
Version 3.8.0
MOD Info All Content Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Do you ever dream of managing airplane emergencies and becoming a hero to passengers? If so, you’ll love Extreme Landings Pro Apk.

Experience the thrill of being a virtual captain, flying across the globe just like a real airline crew.


Introduce about Extreme Landings Pro

Extreme Landings Pro is an incredibly realistic and challenging flight simulator game. It is all about taking control of airliners in tense situations and trying to land them safely.

You will sit in a detailed 3D cockpit of an airliner with fully functional equipment. A full suite of autopilot tools from heading holds to ILS landing assist you. But often, you need to override and fly manually during failures.

I am addicted to this game’s breathtaking scenery, which eventually surprises me with the graphics quality.

Advanced engine system

The plane engines are highly realistic, with detailed start-up procedures. You can turn master switches on and activate the starters to spool the engines.

And when it gets stabilized, you can initiate fuel to combust and ignite them. The engines dynamically respond to your inputs and conditions.

With realistic ignition sequences, potential faults, and fire emergency protocols, the advanced engine systems put you in the pilot mindset. Your focus and skills should be managing problems like a professional.

APU management

The APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) is a small engine apart from the main jets. It provides electrical power, air conditioning, and airflow while planes are grounded.

As a real pilot, you must start the APU before the main engines. It provides initial air and electricity to the aircraft systems. During emergencies in the game, you have to keep the aircraft operational. An Auxiliary Power Unit can do it because it substitutes partial power if the main engine fails.

Managing the APU along with the main engines doubles your flight preparation tasks. But it will help you a lot in intense situations.

Worldwide navigation

One of the things I like most about the Extreme Landings Pro game is its in-game flight globe, which has over 500 detailed recreations of real international airports and runways.

There are a lot of landmarks visible from cockpits when landing nearby. I love watching them from heights.

Airports are accurately placed geographically. Flying between them reinforces your navigation and aviation geography.

The weather at every airport is live and updated, and you have to take steps according to them.

You constantly see new sites and scenery. The developers did an excellent job in this area. Enjoy the ultimate experience of developing true global operational expertise.

Handling emergencies

At the beginning of this game, you only know how to take off and land planes normally. But the real entertainment comes when emergencies start happening on your flights. Yeah! I like handling them.

Enjoy the scary problems like engine failure, smoke in the cabin, bad weather, and over 5,000 other issues. Be excellent at the hard times. If you lose patience, it will cost your and the passengers’ lives.

It is obvious to panic and probably crash the plane in the beginning. But slowly, you learn how to handle each type of emergency properly.

Let me take an example of such a situation. If smoke fills the cabin mid-flight, you must wear oxygen masks, tell passengers to stay calm, and immediately make an emergency landing. Doing the right emergency steps keeps everyone safe.

Suppose lightning hits the plane and knocks out your cockpit computers; you must switch to manual flying without technology. It’s hard, but you have to do this at any cost.

Most importantly, following the proper protocols is important during emergency landings. As you play more, you get experience dealing with different in-flight disasters.

Being a great pilot is about staying calm under pressure and using your experience to solve problems. This game has enough situations to make you perfect.

Mod APK Version of Extreme Landings Pro

Extreme Landings Pro Apk is a paid (patched) version of the official Extreme Landings Pro game. In this version, you’ll experience the challenging situations faced by pilots and learn how to navigate them.

Mod features

  • Paid for Free
  • Unlocked

Download Extreme Landings Pro Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Extreme Landings Pro game is all about your skills and decision-making abilities. You gradually rank up from apprentice to senior captain by mastering scenarios.

Always focus on upgrading and customizing your planes. You have to be a master in everything from configuring the flight computer to starting the engines properly with guidance. This can be done by practicing only.

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