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Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk v3.2.03 (Unlimited Money)

Updated on January 10, 2024

App Info

App Name Last Kingdom: Defense
Publisher Studio Ampersand
Genre Strategy
Size 153M
Version 3.2.03
MOD Info Unlimited Money
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi_off Can be used offline


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Do you want to explore the Last Kingdom without any limits and look for its modified version? If yes, then Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk is no doubt the best option for you.


Introduce about Last Kingdom: Defense

Last Kingdom: Defense is a free-to-play tower defense game set in the world of Vikings. Inspired by Norse mythology, you’ll build mighty towers and command Viking heroes to defeat your enemies.

In this epic saga, you will play as one of three different clans of Vikings who are fighting for control over ancient Nordic regions. You will use strategy and cunning to overcome opponents from other clans while simultaneously defending your territories from invaders. In The Last Kingdom: Defense, players can strategically deploy units on their territory’s path to attack incoming waves of enemies before they reach the player’s base.

Players must carefully choose which unit type to place at any given spot, as each unit has unique abilities that affect gameplay significantly. Units can be upgraded to increase their power, and players gain access to even more powerful units by building certain structures on their territory.

Tactical thinking is essential when trying to conquer all the territories in this game. By balancing defense against the offense, players can achieve victory over factions from other areas around the world.

Team up with friends

In The Last Kingdom game, players can team up with their friends by sending them a special invite code (must share yours) that they must type into the ‘join clan’ section located at the top of the screen. This way you can join forces on the battlefield and dominate together. Just remember being in one clan will increase the chance of your clan being attacked.

Multiple Bases per territory, unlimited Waves

In this game, you can control several bases at once on a single map allowing your units to be active all over the map simultaneously. You will need to prioritize when it’s best to use certain units because they do not regenerate between waves in this free online strategy game. This means that you can use Vikings to fight off an incoming pirate attack, then switch your focus to ranged units when an Egyptian army approaches.

Real-time multiplayer PvP battles

The game offers real-time multiplayer PvP battles so players are able to challenge friends or random opponents from around the world whenever they want. There are also rankings for players who want to see where they stand among other gamers around the world. Conquer as many territories as you can and become the ruler of all the clans in The Last Kingdom: Defense.

Make your own clan

In the Last Kingdom: Defense players join one of three clans at the start of the game; Viking, Egyptian, or Ninja. Just like Clash of Clans, Players can create their own clan once they reach level ten in The Last Kingdom: Defense free online strategy game after creating an account (or signing in). When a player creates a clan he/she will be assigned as its leader and have control over some options such as Clan Name, Invite Code (must be typed into anyone who wants to join), and Clan Description. The player can also promote other players to the leader, officer, or member roles. A player will only be able to create one clan unless he/she has premium currency, in which case they can create more clans.

Level-Up and growth

As your units defeat enemies and conquer land you will gain experience points (XP). Once enough XP is accumulated your units will level up increasing their stats. This includes attack damage, health, and income per second that is generated passively while the unit isn’t working on constructing new buildings or upgrading existing ones in The Last Kingdom: Defense game for free; making them an even better asset on the battlefield.

Mod APK Version of Last Kingdom: Defense

Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk is a modded version of the official Last Kingdom: Defense game that lets you use unlimited resources without spending a single penny.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Money
  • MOD Menu

Download Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk for Android 2024

The Last Kingdom: Defense MOD Apk has a very active and positive community that is constantly posting on our game forums and subreddit, sharing strategies with each other as well as what they’ve been up to in the game. Every unit type has strengths and weaknesses against other unit types, so think carefully about how you want to build out your territories. When an enemy wave approaches, all of the units assigned to defend a territory (including heroes) will join forces with each other.

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