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Restaurant Point of Sale MOD Apk v14.3.25 (Premium Unlocked)

Updated on March 30, 2024

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App Name Restaurant Point of Sale - POS
Publisher aadhk expand_more
Genre Business
Size 18M
Version 14.3.25
MOD Info Premium Unlocked
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you looking for the best restaurant POS app for managing your food establishment directly from your smartphone? If yes, you would love the Restaurant Point of Sale MOD Apk.

Enjoy the ultimate experience of monitoring and managing the complete restaurant data at your fingertips.


Introduce about Restaurant Point of Sale

Restaurant Point of Sale is an outstanding application designed for restaurants to use POS systems easily on smartphones. It helps you handle orders, payment processing, inventory management, customer management, and restaurant operations.

There is no need for pen and paper to maintain the registers of your restaurant as this application provides easy-to-use tools to manage things like a professional. One of the best things about this application is its no monthly or annual fees.

You will enjoy smooth delivery management and flexible permissions to make things work according to you. Most features are customizable, and you can set them per your restaurant’s requirements.

Easy order taking

The primary purpose of this Restaurant Point of Sale application is to make it easy for the staff to enter customer orders correctly and quickly. It eventually helps serve guests faster and make them happy.

It allows orders to be entered in multiple ways based on whether the customers are dining in-house or want takeaway or delivery.

The staff can quickly enter orders on a billing terminal for dine-in customers, and portable wireless devices are carried to the tableside. However, for takeaway and pickup orders, there are options for entering via counter terminals, online gateways, and over the smartphone.

This application also makes it easy to split a bill if the table has many guests sharing dishes. Features like applying discounts, schemes, customized topping, and quantities for items make this app helpful.

This must-have application improves the capabilities of taking orders and makes the staff more efficient.

Not only this, but your customers also feel delighted with quicker and more accurate service through their preferred channel.

Online table reservations

If you are running a restaurant, then you know how hectic the process of properly arranging tables and seats is for guests who walk in and those who book tables in advance.

It becomes more complicated during peak hours if the restaurant staff uses a notebook and spreadsheet. This is where the Table Reservation feature of this application helps a lot. It allows restaurant staff and customers to book tables online for a future date and time.

From the staff side, the POS app shows the visual layout of the entire restaurant with all table positions marked systematically.

The managers can open the Reservation Management option and select the future date/time slots to configure the table availability status. They can mark a 4-seater table as reserved for a coming Friday dinner time. This reduces the free table count.

Regarding the customer side, the online widget on the restaurant app allows selecting the coming date, booking size, preferred slot, and even table section. It provides revenue opportunities for the restaurant.

Get a detailed sales report

The restaurant Point of Sale application stores every customer order transaction automatically. The app shows reports of total sales each hour, day, week, or month.

Feel free to view sales split by various divisions like food type, brand, branches, payment modes, etc. The exciting thing is that these reports even show best-performing menu items, peak order periods, and other factors. It ultimately gives you enough ideas to increase your sales.

You can make better decisions like improving slow-hour revenue by running happy hour schemes to satisfy your customers.

Inventory management

Managing the supply of ingredients and food stocks is one of the biggest challenges for any restaurant. Keeping track of what is getting over and needs filling up can get confusing if done manually. It is so time-consuming, too.

Thanks to the inventory management feature of this application, the restaurant owner maintains a complete list of all raw materials and ingredients purchased from suppliers in digital format.

Let me give you an example. Everything like paneer, rice, soft drinks, cooking oil, and others are listed item-wise, including quantity available, rate, and total value.

The Restaurant Point of Sale app is now connected to the billing section. So, every item used for preparing a customer order automatically gets subtracted from the inventory list.

Two sandwiches sold means decreasing two buns, two potato pieces, some veggies, sauce quantity, and other items. This keeps happening daily across all transactions in real-time. It’s so accurate and time-saving.

You can view reports showing how much raw material is left in stock daily. It also alerts automatically whenever any item quantity exceeds a pre-set minimum level.

So the staff knows well that specific stock is running low and needs ordering more from suppliers to avoid shortage later.

Mod APK Version of Restaurant Point of Sale

The Restaurant Point of Sale MOD Apk is a modified version of the official Restaurant Point of Sale application. This version allows you to access premium features, enabling you to control your restaurant like a pro.

Mod features

  • Premium Unlocked

Download Restaurant Point of Sale Apk & MOD for Android 2024

Restaurant Point of Sale is the most effective way to manage your restaurant needs from your smartphone. It provides every feature that improves your workflow and customer experience by eliminating the waiting time for unnecessary things.

This application lets you set up digital menu boards so that the customers can make custom orders, and you can easily fetch them.

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