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Intune Company Portal Apk v5.0.6215.0 (Latest Version)

Updated on April 19, 2024

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App Name Intune Company Portal
Publisher Microsoft Corporation expand_more
Genre Business
Size 70M
Version 5.0.6215.0
MOD Info Origin APK
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Requires android Android 11.0 expand_more
android Android 11.0
wifi Internet connection required


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Are you looking for an application that empowers users with personalized experiences which help them work more efficiently while increasing engagement levels with company resources? If yes, then you would love the Intune Company Portal Apk.


Introduce about Intune Company Portal

Intune Company Portal is an essential tool for all companies that want to take their business to the next level. This application helps organizations to manage and protect their data and devices. It ensures that employees can work in a secure environment anytime and anywhere.

With Intune Company Portal, companies can easily control access to corporate resources from any device, including smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

One of the noticeable things about this app is its user-friendly interface. It’s easy to navigate and intuitive enough for employees who don’t have extensive technical knowledge. As a result, they can focus on their work without worrying about navigating complicated systems or risking security breaches due to a lack of expertise. Moreover, the app provides IT administrators with full visibility of devices connected to the network and enables them to enforce security policies instantly.

Enjoy enhancing your workplace productivity while maintaining high levels of security.

Simplified management

As a business owner, managing your employees’ devices is a challenging task. However, with the simplified management of Intune Company portal, every challenge becomes an easy task for you. This app streamlines the device management process.

You are going to love its ability to set device policies in one central location. This means that you can enforce security measures such as password requirements or data encryption across all of your company’s devices without updating each device manually. Moreover, if an employee loses their device or leaves the company, you can easily wipe sensitive information from their device to prevent any potential data breaches.

Secure access to corporate resources

With the increasing number of cyber threats, companies need to ensure that their corporate resources are secure and only accessible by authorized personnel. This is where Intune Company Portal Application comes in with its powerful backend.

It provides a layer of protection to corporate resources by allowing access only through the Intune Company Portal Application. This ensures that sensitive data is not accessed from unauthorized devices or networks, reducing the risk of data breaches. The feature also allows IT administrators to set policies on who can access specific resources.

Even companies can integrate their existing security policies and ensure that only authorized employees can access sensitive data.

Self-service password reset

One of the most useful features of this application is the Self Service Password Reset feature, which enables users to reset their passwords without having to go through IT support. This feature not only saves time but also ensures that users have control over their login credentials.

The Self-Service Password Reset feature is incredibly easy to use, even for non-technical users. It guides them through the process step-by-step, making it simple and straightforward. Moreover, it’s very secure as users must verify their identity with multi-factor authentication before they can reset their password. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access sensitive company data.

Remote wipe data security

You will be surprised to know that this application allows administrators to wipe data remotely from any device that has access to the company’s portal application. This means if an employee loses their device or if gets stolen, the administrator can quickly wipe all sensitive company data from the device, preventing any unauthorized access.

Apart from this, this feature is particularly useful for employees who have left the company. With just a few clicks in the Intune Company Portal Application, administrators can remove all company data from these devices instantly. This ensures that former employees no longer have access to confidential information once they leave their position within the organization.

Download Intune Company Portal Apk v5.0.6215.0 for Android

Intune Company Portal Application offers a sleek and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to access the resources they need. But did you know that this app also comes with a User Interface Customization feature? With this, users can personalize their portal experience to fit their unique needs and preferences.

This is perfect for organizations with varying departments or teams that require different resources. Users can easily add, remove or rearrange tiles on their home screen and choose from various icon options to make navigation even simpler. The intuitive design of the portal allows for quick configuration without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

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