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Updated on January 10, 2024

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App Name Amazon Chime
Publisher Amazon Mobile LLC expand_more
Genre Business
Size 62M
Version 5.23.7251
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Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
wifi Internet connection required


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Meetings are often overused yet underutilized. They are the perfect place to collaborate, plan and organize projects, but they can be inefficient at times. We use them to cover too much ground when we could be better off taking a more focused approach. This can lead to unclear expectations and preventable mistakes. But thanks to Amazon Chime Apk that solves all of our problems in no time.


Introduce about Amazon Chime

Amazon Chime is a free, secure application that allows you to conduct online meetings, call, chat and share content. It’s available on any device, and your meetings and conversations are always synchronized so that you can stay connected.

There are many things changed by the developers to improve the user experience. They removed the annoying reminders to upgrade to a paid version. Instead of notifications popping up in your face everywhere you go just to get access to more features, it keeps you updated via the settings screen, where all settings can be managed at one time.

Amazon Chime is not just another Skype alternative. It offers so much more than an identical clone of a popular application. If you are looking for an alternative that can provide you with all the features of Skype today and in the future, it’s definitely worth your time to give Amazon Chime a try.

Scheduling a meeting

One of my favorite parts of this application is scheduling a meeting. You just need to enter the registered emails of the participants, and they will get to know about the meeting schedule.

The great thing is that you can personalize the meeting links according to your preferences.

Seamless collaboration

Share & Discuss: Chime integrates seamlessly with your tools, such as Microsoft Outlook and Google Drive, to share and discuss documents.

Screen Sharing: Share your screen with the click of a button so everyone can see the same thing. It’s simple to use, and that’s not all. You can also Zoom in on specific parts of the screen for more in-depth discussion.

Improved audio and video quality

The new video conferencing works just like Skype does but eliminates many of the problems that have plagued Skype users for years. Apart from this, it also comes with better audio quality and more controls over your conference calls, including a built-in speakerphone and mute feature.


Keep your meetings running smoothly by using Amazon Chime’s Assistant, a friendly bot with automated features that reduces the stress of meeting coordination. Designed to make your life easier, the bot will help you check in your attendees, remind them to arrive early, and help out with getting everyone in the right room.

Eliminate the online status

No one wants a room full of people with the door open, but you can solve this problem with Amazon Chime by using the Listen-only mode so that your chat window stays open, but you don’t have a camera. This doesn’t mean you will miss any important messages. It will notify you in real-time when someone is talking to you and vice versa while you are in listen only mode.


Important conversations, like customer service calls or meeting requests, can be created and distributed privately. You can share notes, links, and other documents with anyone in the chat room and create multiple rooms for different team members.

Video conferencing security

Amazon Chime has an embedded security protocol that ensures each participant has access to only the information they are authorized to see during a call, and keeps that information secure for all participants.

Read-only meetings

The Read-only meeting option gives you the possibility to hide your desktop computer during the conversation so that someone else can’t see what is going on. This option only works if you have at least one other user in the room because if there are no other users in the room, it will not be possible to create a Read-only meeting even if it has been enabled by an admin.

Download Amazon Chime Apk 5.23.7251 for Android

Amazon Chime is a great option for businesses looking for an all-in-one collaboration and messaging tool that includes video conferencing capabilities. Amazon Chime brings simplicity to business conversations by replacing the need to have multiple apps for every interaction with colleagues, partners, customers, or employees.

Amazon Chime’s Business-only offerings give you the option to create different chat rooms to set up different groups with the right access level. For example, you can have one chat room for your leads, another for your team members, and others for external vendors or customers.

Disclaimer: The provided app is freely available on the Google Play Store. We are just proving the APK file of that app without any modifications.

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