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Sun Locator PRO Apk v4.5 (Paid For Free)

Updated on January 3, 2024

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App Name Sun Locator Pro
Publisher Battery Stats Saver
Genre Photography
Size 16M
Version 4.5
MOD Info Patched
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Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required

Are you looking for an application that will help you predict the position of the sun and moon from your smartphone? If yes, then you would love the Sun Locator Pro Apk (Paid).

Plan your outdoor activities like a pro after analyzing the sun using an interactive map.


Introduce about Sun Locator Pro

Sun Locator Pro is a wonderful application that helps you to plan your photo shoot in advance so that you can be in position with your camera ready just before sunrise or sunset. You can adjust your composition accordingly based on where the light will fall on your subject.

Don’t worry. This application is not only about photography, as it will help you in many conditions. With Sun Locator Pro’s predictions, you will know exactly what time the golden hour begins, so you have soft lighting illuminating everything around you.

Exploring 3D terrain simulation

Sun Locator Pro takes outdoor photography to the next level by providing 3D Terrain Simulation. Enjoy visualizing the sun and moon’s position in relation to your location and terrain. It eventually gives you a more accurate prediction of lighting conditions for your shots.

Not only this, you can get a clear view of the shadows that will be cast on different parts of your scene at various times of the day. You can also see how high or low the sun will be in relation to trees, hills, buildings, or any other landmarks around your shooting location.

This visualization tool is especially useful when looking at new locations as it helps determine if there are any potential obstructions that could affect lighting conditions during specific times of the day. By exploring these simulations before heading out into the field, you will better understand what to expect during your shoot.

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening and landscaping enthusiasts can benefit greatly from using Sun Locator Pro. With this app, you can determine the best locations for your plants based on the amount of sunlight exposure they need.

By predicting the sun’s position at different times of day and year, gardeners can strategically plan where to plant their flowers, fruits, and vegetables to maximize growth potential. It’s easy and effective too, and I am saying this after personal use.

Moreover, landscapers can use Sun Locator Pro to determine where trees or other vegetation should be planted in order to provide shade during certain times of day or seasons. This information is especially useful when designing outdoor living spaces such as decks or pool areas.

Real estate and architecture

As I mentioned above, Sun Locator Pro is not only an important app for photographers. The real estate and architecture industries are using it more than the normal users. Let me tell you why.

This app can help them know exactly where sunlight will fall on their properties at any time. Do you know that this info helps them to make the right decisions about the design and layout of buildings? Yes, this app ensures that natural light is maximized in every room.

These days, people are highly interested in properties where sunlight is present directly. For real estate professionals, Sun Locator Pro can be a boon for their business.

It can determine how much shading a building may require throughout the day to prevent overheating in hot climates. They could even use 3D terrain simulations within the app to visualize how shadows from nearby buildings or trees might impact their designs.

Mod APK Version of Sun Locator Pro

Sun Locator Pro Apk is a patched (paid) version of the official Sun Position Pro application, with the help of which you can use the camera view that displays the accurate solar position as well as lunar position.

Mod features

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Sun Position Pro is the application that helps you in preparing for Scouting locations, as it is an important part of outdoor photography. This app enables you to find sites with ample shade during hot days and open spaces for stargazing at night.

Enjoy making your camping plans with the help of this application. Also, you can use it while installing solar panels as it helps you analyze where they should be placed to produce more electricity.

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