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Tinycam Monitor PRO Apk v17.2.1 (Full Version)

Updated on March 5, 2024

App Info

App Name tinyCam Monitor PRO for IP Cam
Publisher Tiny Solutions LLC
Genre Video players & editors
Size 92M
Version 17.2.1
MOD Info Full Version
Get it On Google Play
Requires android Android 7.0 expand_more
android Android 7.0
wifi Internet connection required

You can use this paid version without rooting your device or modifying the Google Play Store!


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Are you looking for an application that can help you control your home camera with great functionalities from your smartphone? If yes, then you would love the Tinycam PRO Apk.

Now, even when you are away, monitor your pets, children, and other beloved things, ensuring their security.


Introduction of Tinycam Monitor PRO

Tinycam Monitor PRO is a powerful IP camera viewer app that helps monitor and control home and office security cameras from your smartphone. I have been using it for a long time, and it turns my smartphone into a surveillance system.

It is compatible with a wide range of cameras, which I truly appreciate. Many apps in this category don’t support inexpensive Chinese cameras. However, TinyCam Monitor PRO works seamlessly with them as well.

So, don’t worry about the brand restrictions while selecting cameras.

Quick and stable camera connections

Tinycam Monitor PRO provides a very smooth process to connect security cameras. You can add IP cameras by entering manufacturers’ IP addresses or unique IDs. However, it has automated discovery capabilities to detect cameras on the local network.

Once you add, Tinycam PRO establishes persistent, reliable links to the cameras over WiFi and remotely over the internet if remote access is enabled. I have never faced so much lag in video streams from the connected cameras.

Thanks to the fast streams that ensure you can follow live action responsively without disconnections. Surprisingly, the video quality retention is excellent even with multiple simultaneous camera feeds.

Easy PTZ controls for pan tilt zoom cameras

This application lets you easily control PTZ cameras that pan, tilt, and zoom. The buttons let you pan left/right and tilt up/down smoothly. The speed can be controlled responsively, and zooming in and out can be done with pinch gestures.

Moreover, you can create preset positions by adjusting pan, tilt, and zoom, then save them for quick recall with one tap.

This remote PTZ manipulation expands your visibility to see a room’s entire space. It minimizes the need for multiple static cameras in each area.

Custom multi-camera grid views

Tinycam Monitor PRO Apk allows you to create fully customized monitoring views. Feel free to arrange multiple cameras into grids spanning 1 to 100 cameras per screen.

You can design layouts aligning with physical room setups for easy visibility. Don’t forget to save predefined grid patterns that eventually let you do quick selection whenever you want. This means there is no need to rebuild every time.

Motion and sound triggered alerts

One of the things I love most about Tinycam Monitor PRO Apk is that it can send mobile push notification alerts in real-time when a camera’s configured motion or sound detection sensors are triggered. It allows me to respond to suspicious activity as it occurs.

These alerts include thumbnail images of the alarming event for quick evaluation. You can fine-tune sensitivity and mask out areas for motion detection to minimize false alerts.

Moreover, you can schedule different alert modes for day/night.

Continuous and scheduled recording options

Tinycam PRO provides continuous and scheduled recording options to securely capture and archive surveillance footage for later review. When actively monitoring, you can record continuously with adaptive compression levels optimized for storage.

Moreover, you can configure scheduled interval recording at object or keyframe intervals for times when the app is not actively running. It ensures your premises stay under watch while you are busy or sleeping. The best part is that scheduled recordings can be archived locally or auto-synced to cloud services.

Thanks to the time-stamped motion alerts, which help you quickly investigate and coordinate with authorities.

Mod APK Version of Tinycam PRO

TinyCam PRO Apk is a patched (paid) version of the official TinyCam Monitor application. With its help, you can ensure the safety of the things that are most valuable to you.

Mod features

  • Paid for Free

Download Tinycam PRO Monitor Apk for Android

Tinycam PRO Apk is a perfect application for live multi-camera viewing. Moreover, camera audio can be streamed in the background carefully while using other apps.

I love always-on audio surveillance that raises alerts at unusual noises when I am busy elsewhere. You will have the option to create customizable user accounts with controlled camera access. This is for shared access situations.

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